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Integration Solutions for Retail

Data integration solutions help to optimize your processes and streamline your operations so that you can always deliver first-class customer experience.
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Improve Connectivity to Enhance Customer Experience

For retailers and eCommerce organizations, data sharing is the foundation of delivering exceptional customer experience. Connecting webshops, 3PLs, warehouses, ERP systems, and payment systems helps to streamline and automate order processes, and the ability to track your shipments and deliveries in real-time or optimize your inventory.

Better visibility into your processes through data means that you will be able to improve your operations for improved efficiency and to enhance the customer experience.

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How Do Retailers Use an iPaaS?

An iPaaS can enhance connectivity across 3PLs, webshops, warehouses, and payment services like no other tool. Whether it's an enterprise application integration (EAI) or B2B integration case, iPaaS can tackle it no matter how many legacy and cloud-based endpoints need to be connected.

You can share data regardless of its format and consolidate all your data in a single platform. To ensure that your data is insightful, Youredi provides you with data quality solutions for validating information and helping with enrichment if necessary.


Do you want to enhance customer experience?

Youredi's integration platform enables fast and reliable information flow between 
all integrated systems, ultimately creating a powerful shopping experience and a
smooth fulfillment process.
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