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Integration Solutions for Logistics

Better connectivity and information sharing can help logistics providers, like 3PLs, 4PLs, rail and road transportation companies, and warehouses to overcome their inefficiencies by streamlining their processes.


Logistics providers, like 3PLS, 4PLs, road and rail transportation entities, and warehouses tend to have one problem in common: their systems and applications live in isolation, thus they are unable to share information in real-time for better collaboration.

Although, EDI has slightly improved the way logistics providers cooperate and share information, there is still a lot to be done. As the number of trading partners within ecosystems are growing, the integration challenge is getting more complicated. Some parties may use on-premise legacy technologies, while others may have adopted cloud-based applications. Traditional EDI tools cannot tackle it. The challenge becomes even more complicated when we consider the large variety of data formats that logistics providers may use.

Earlier, smaller firms have had no IT teams or financial resources to tackle the connectivity challenge. Youredi’s managed integration solutions are a game changer for all.

The Connectivity Challenge


Connecting all trading partners is the first step to better data sharing. Being able to consolidate data from multiple parties into a single place can help logistics providers to collaborate better and create a single truth on their shipments. Tracking the shipments in real-time does not merely improve collaboration across stakeholders, it can enhance the customer experience too.

Data integration can also help to remove manual processes and replace them with automated ones that make your operations more efficient and less error-prone.

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A fully managed iPaaS can be an ideal solution for you if you need to build connectivity with your network for better collaboration and real-time information sharing.

Compared to other iPaaS solutions that your IT team needs to proactively learn to use, we manage the whole process of development, testing, deployment, and maintenance on your behalf, for a fraction of the typical integration costs.

Whether you need EDI, large-scale B2B integrations, IoT integration for track & trace, or API management; Youredi can support your integration strategy. To ensure that your data is always adequate, we can include data quality checks within your processes to validate all your data and enrich it with other information as per your needs.

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