Financial Electronic Data Interchange Services



Youredi enables business process integrations for all parties, at all levels within your Financial Operations.


Optimize Your Financial Supply Chain

Streamline and digitize your financial supply chain with Youredi. Our integration platform allows you to quickly connect to customers and suppliers, enabling automatic processing of all financial documents. Fully adaptable, scalable, and interoperable, you’ll never again have to worry about ever-changing regulatory requirements or transaction formatting. With advanced data mapping and transformation, you can send and receive invoice, order, payment and remittance data, seamlessly, in any format.


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Youredi Integration Services for Finance and Banking



Reduce Costs

Remove infastructure, labor, and processing costs by up to 50%



Improve Data Accuracy

100% clean data eliminates errors and unnecessary process rework while improving first time throughput.


Manage Working Capital & Cashflow

Use real-time data and visibility to optimize spend and process controls. 


Youredi Financial EDI


Eliminate any and all paperwork and reduce the cost of financial document processing by more than 50%. Leveraging electronic invoicing, orders, and payments drives costs down across your entire value network. Provide immediate feedback on statuses and errors as they occur. Youredi validation and data enrichment removes document errors along with the need for handling errors. By eliminating paper from your financial services, you will increase efficiency and accuracy while simultaneously reducing the risk for fraud and incomplete documentation.

Data For Differentation

With full visibility into your financial value chain, you can leverage real-time data and analytics as a means for competitive differentiation, reducing costs, ensuring compliance, and improving overall control. Our cloud-based platform allows you to customize dashboards for real-time reporting on self-defined KPIs. Add the power of Discovery-based Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) with proactive alerting, and you’ll be able to analyze every critical component of invoicing and purchasing data, anywhere, on any device.

Financial Data Integration

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