Information Enrichment

Integration is not only message transformation, but a critical asset when combining data from multiple sources.


You have built integrations between your strategic IT assets. Information is flowing between your internal applications and you are exchanging information with your trading partners. However, you often find out that data is incomplete. You know you should enrich the data with historical information (e.g. from previous steps of the long-running B2B process) or by adding data from different sources (such as lookup tables or from other business applications). As your current integration is stateless, simple one-to-one message transformation, you cannot fulfill these business needs.



Youredi iPaaS is much more than a message translator. In majority of the solutions we provide to our customers, we enrich the data being exchanged between different parties. In a typical logistics industry case, we may manage long-running processes that last over the shipment lifeline. When transferring purchase orders, we may save information from PO’s and utilize the data later when transferring shipment status updates or invoices. We may enrich data from different sources, e.g. by looking up missing data from other integrated systems or customer-specific lookup tables. Youredi iPaaS may enrich your data any way imaginable to ensure that you - and your partners - have all the required information at hand any time you need it.



With the enrichment capabilities provided by Youredi, information exchanged between different applications and services will be complete. There are no blank spots that need to be filled manually, leading into more efficient and less error-prone business processes, removing processing bottlenecks. Your internal users as well as your trading partners are happy, as they don’t need to manually find the data, leading into better quality, personnel and customer satisfaction