Intermodal execution and visibility and OTM carrier integration

OTM User Conference Europe
23-25 March, 2022

Presentation on the 2022 OTM User Conference Europe on 23-25 March 2022

Intermodal Supply Chain Execution & Visibility and Carrier Integrations into OTM Through one Harmonized Interface

As Oracle TMS users strive to improve the performance levels of their logistics operations and optimize supply chain execution processes, reliable up-to-date data connectivity with air and ocean carriers is vital. However, custom development of such integrations and a heavy burden from connectivity maintenance are what many would like to avoid. In addition, even for market-leading shippers and BCOs integration possibilities to air and ocean and intermodal logistics service providers have been very limited and cumbersome. Contrary to supply chain visibility, off-the-shelf solutions for LSP-agnostic execution (booking and related processes) have typically been scarce. Youredi offers a “One-stop shop” solution enabling Oracle TMS users to exchange vital supply chain data from various sources through one interface directly into their main operational system environment (OTM). This way, companies can focus on growing their business instead of building connectivity.


About the speakers:

Geesche Laksola (VP, Head of Business Development, Youredi)

Geesche is the Business Lead at Youredi and drives the commercial development of our services according to customers' needs. She has a 10-year experience working with business development, sales and partner management from the Logistics SaaS industry and has prior to that worked within Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Before joining Youredi, Geesche worked in different roles at companies such as Unifaun, Memnon Networks and Itella/Posti. Geesche holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics.


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