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B2B Integration

EDI Value Added Networks (VANs) are the past. iPaaS provides the trend-setting way of delivering EDI integrations across your ecosystem.


While B2B integration is not a new concept, today, it is more important than ever. You have a large number of external stakeholders, like partners, manufacturers, customers, or 3PLs and if you want to communicate with them in real-time, you must build connectivity with all of them. Sharing information will improve collaboration and help to refine your B2B business processes and utilize the available data for insights.

Nevertheless, B2B integration solutions are typically difficult to develop and  maintain, and are costly. We want to change this. Youredi as a B2B integrator provides fully managed B2B integration services for developing, deploying and maintaining connections between trading partners. The Youredi iPaaS enables us to create large-scale B2B integrations much faster than is possible with hand-coding all your integrations or using traditional integration software. By eliminating the need for IT personnel, owning software, and delivering B2B integration projects faster than anyone else in the market, we can significantly lower your integration costs.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is here to stay to support B2B communication, but the way B2B integration service providers do EDI must change. Youredi believes that there is a better way to exchange B2B data between multiple B2B partners. The Youredi iPaaS is an excellent EDI integration tool for delivering B2B connectivity between tens or even hundreds of trading partners:

- Its capability of delivering hybrid integrations can connect both on-premise legacy systems and cloud-based applications.

- It can harmonize heterogeneous data formats to ensure that you always receive information in the form that your systems understand.

- It can be scaled in line with your message volumes

- It can be set up with rules to validate your data against your quality guidelines.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been enabling communication across B2B trading partners for decades. Growing trading networks and an increasing variety of applications used by organizations have made EDI a challenge for many. A cloud-based integration platform can help to tackle the connectivity and data formats challenges that organizations face today.

The Youredi iPaaS is an excellent EDI integration tool for delivering B2B connectivity between any number of trading partners and its capability of delivering hybrid integrations can connect both on-premise legacy systems and cloud-based applications. While EDIFACT and ANSI X12 are widely used for EDI, there are other formats, such as XML, JSON, or proprietary formats. The integration solution developed with iPaaS can harmonize all data formats, so you receive the information in the format that your system can understand. 

EDI Transaction Sets
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Supply chains are incredibly complex business networks. A high-performing effective supply chain cannot exist without appropriate interconnectivity between all stakeholders. The impact of B2B integration on supply chains can be significant as it improves connectivity and data sharing, it helps you to streamline your processes, and save on overhead costs. 

No wonder that organizations with extensive supply chains have been facing increased pressure for investing in B2B integrations and improving EDI processes. Some of the most innovative enterprises have shown that a well-connected digitalized supply chain can be a serious competitive advantage.

Youredi has a strong track record in supporting organizations to develop the best supply chain integration approach by replacing or complementing their already existing integration solutions. Our Youredi integration architects support your integration strategy from day one. They help you to develop the project plan, and then develop, deploy and maintain all solutions on your behalf.

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The Youredi integration architects develop your integration solutions using the Youredi iPaaS.


Once the solutions are tested our architects will move forward to deploy them into production.


Our professional services and support teams take care of maintenance and adjustments of the solutions.


No hidden fees, no surprises. All you pay for is a one-time deployment fee (if any), monthly subscription, and support work.
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Professional Services

Once you have described your project, our integration architects provide you with an implementation plan and following that, they develop, test, and deploy your integration solution.

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Support Services

We provide you with proactive support to ensure that all your integration solutions work all the time flawlessly. We offer four different levels of support to best match your needs.

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Connecting with any of your trading partners, send and receive messages in any format, and enhance the quality of data for a fraction of the typical  EDI transaction costs.
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