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IoT Integration

Consolidate information from Internet of Things devices within a single platform.


Integration is a necessary IoT competency, especially considering that the number of IoT devices is growing, and at the same time the number of APIs and the amount of data is increasing.

While IoT platforms offer integration capabilities and you may utilize an API-first approach for connectivity, but the more IoT devices and the data you deal with, the better integration solutions you'll need to unlock all the data from your devices. Using a modern integration platform for connecting various platforms will allow you to have all the relevant data available within a single platform, so the right stakeholders can have access to the information to derive insights from them.

An integration platform can also ensure that devices can communicate with each other without sacrificing device autonomy and device aggregation.

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To harness the value of the data you gather from all your IoT devices, it is vital to define your integration procedures at the very beginning. iPaaS can connect any number of IoT platforms, and on-premise or cloud backend applications that you use, and it enables you to add new endpoints quickly when needed. When all the IoT device data is available in the applications that you are using, you will be able to better leverage that data and automate processes. iPaaS can deal with any data format, so it can harmonize heterogeneous data into the format that your systems understand. During data transmission, the integration solution can check your data against your business rules to ensure that you always receive the correct information.

It's expected that the number of connected IoT devices will rapidly grow over the next few years, and the scalability of integration solutions built on iPaaS will ensure that you can handle all the incoming data as its volume increases. 

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The Youredi integration architects develop your integration solutions using the Youredi iPaaS. 


Once the solutions are tested our architects will move forward to deploy them into production.


Our professional services and support teams take care of maintenance and adjustments of the solutions.


No hidden fees, no surprises. All you pay for is a one-time deployment fee (if any), monthly subscription, and support work.
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Professional Services

Once you have described your project, our integration architects provide you with an implementation plan and following that, they develop, test, and deploy your integration solution.

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Support Services

We provide you with proactive support to ensure that all your integration solutions work all the time flawlessly. We offer four different levels of support to best match your needs.

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Youredi iPaaS is a fully customizable, cloud-based integration platform that fulfills all your internal and B2B integration needs and scales when your business grows. We make sure that your business information is exchanged between all required systems and applications.
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