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System Integration

Elevate your organization's efficiency by connecting systems and applications with the help of cloud integrations.


The ultimate purpose of connecting systems is to link them together for interoperability so that they can function as one both within and outside your organization.  IT system integration removes manual work and breaks down data silos, therefore it increases the speed of information flows, improves the quality of processes, and boosts productivity. 

Traditionally, system integration projects have been implemented using point-to-point, vertical, star, or horizontal integrations. These methods are sufficient when the requirements are not too complicated. But when you need to connect numerous systems and applications from different decades, built on different architectures, and using different data standards and formats, you need a more powerful tool and the expertise of a system integrator.

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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) has been widely used to resolve integration challenges within a single organization. EAI solutions are typically highly customized, and the integrations focus on transaction completion, message routing between applications and data transformation.

As the architectures of the applications largely vary, you need to be able to work with different interfaces, protocols, and data standards. In these cases, traditional integration solutions are inadequate.

Creating and maintaining EAI solutions was challenging, so it was usually only large enterprises that invested in it. iPaaS however, simplifies application integration and as a result EAI has become attainable for SMEs as well. The Youredi iPaaS can connect any applications whether they are on-premise or in the cloud without any local installations. It can also work with any interfaces and protocols and can consolidate data as well as manage data quality.

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Legacy systems are often inflexible, fragile, obsolete, and poorly documented, and it's difficult to find IT experts that have the required knowledge of them. These outdated systems have not only had a high cost of implementation, they subsequently have a significant cost of upkeep. However, replacing such systems is often considered too risky and expensive.

It's a misbelief that you need to change your systems entirely. Instead, by applying the right integration solutions, you will be able to add a digital touch to your existing systems.

You will be able to update your systems without risking the lifeblood of your business. You will be able to connect any systems and applications to share data in real-time while maintaining the security of your sensitive information and ensuring high availability

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System integration is the process of connecting different sub-systems and components to function as one system and achieve the ultimate goal of talking to each other. Read our blog to learn how an iPaaS can be used for system integrations.

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The Youredi integration architects develop your integration solutions using the Youredi iPaaS. 


Once the solutions are tested our architects will move forward to deploy them into production.


Our professional services and support teams take care of maintenance and adjustments of the solutions.


No hidden fees, no surprises. All you pay for is a one-time deployment fee (if any), monthly subscription, and support work.
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Professional Services

Once you have described your project, our integration architects provide you with an implementation plan and following that, they develop, test, and deploy your integration solution.

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Support Services

We provide you with proactive support to ensure that all your integration solutions work all the time flawlessly. We offer four different levels of support to best match your needs.

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Youredi iPaaS is a fully customizable, cloud-based integration platform that fulfills all your internal and B2B integration needs and scales when your business grows. We make sure that your business information is exchanged between all required systems and applications.
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