Outsourcing the integrations

In any industry, cloud-based systems integration leads into operational efficiencies.



You know your business. You have accumulated significant amount of knowledge in the industry you are working on and want to leverage that know-how to serve your expanding customer network. You have invested in software solutions supporting your ambitions. As you are expanding, you understand that sharing data with your customers - purchase orders, work instructions, shipping instructions, invoices etc. – require automation between your business applications, your vendors, your trading partners, and your customers. You know this is not your core business, but still a problem you have to solve.



Instead of transferring the data manually within your value network, you are able to automate this information exchange with Youredi. As a fully managed solution based on our world-class iPaaS platform, we help you all the way from the specifications to operations. You don’t need to worry about setting up software, hardware, or support operations to enable the seamless connectivity. Regardless of message formats, protocols, number of integrated applications or partners - we are your trusted partner in integrations.



In order to grow efficiently, you have early understood the difference between CAPEX and OPEX. You know you don’t need to own the tools and other assets - whether they are hammers, trucks or software applications. Integration is one of those assets that can be used as a managed service. In many businesses, integration is not a core competency. For Youredi it is, and we are more than willing to share this competency with you - to grow your business