If you are already using an integration solution (or solutions), you don't need to change everything at once.



You are working in established business. For years, or possibly decades, you have been relying on proven, reliable integration technology with a vendor with whom you have well-working relationships. However, as world changes, both technically and business-wise, you need to establish data connectivity with parties you didn’t know years ago - and your current vendor doesn’t have capabilities to integrate with. You are afraid of a big change.



You can safely continue using your traditional message exchange capabilities and vendors, and use Youredi iPaaS as a parallel solution, enabling connectivity to modern protocols, standards, and usage scenarios. Our powerful message and protocol transformation engines ensure that even if your internal applications are optimized on utilizing traditional or proprietary interfaces and message formats, you can safely expand your reach by taking Youredi into use in scenarios that don’t fit into your current integration capabilities.



In the 21st century you don’t need to stick with a single vendor. Just like a taxi company does not need to stick to a single car manufacturer brand, you can choose from multiple service providers. You don’t need to build and maintain modern tools yourself, but you can rely on Youredi operating those parts of your integration that your traditional provider cannot provide. We can co-operate and co-exist with other providers - as long as they are willing to improve and grow your business like we do