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The legacy ocean booking platforms: the right time to let go is now!

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On-demand Webinar
Duration: 30 minutes

The global ocean shipping industry is facing a crucial moment. For a long time, due to connectivity with the world’s top shipping lines and unique data access, ocean booking platforms have been the backbone of this industry. But those days are gone. Today, due to technological limitations, inefficiencies, and constantly increasing service prices, legacy platforms are seen as a burden. Hence, there is a growing need for change. 

Join our webinar to learn why freight forwarders, carriers, shippers, and other industry stakeholders are actively migrating away from the ocean booking platforms they used for years as well as what roadblocks those companies encounter while adopting new modern technologies that enable ultimate efficiency and flexibility. Additionally, we will discuss various strategies and approaches that you can leverage to ensure your successful migration away from the legacy systems.

During this 30-minute interactive session, you will gain insights into:

  • The reasons why companies are currently migrating away from legacy platforms 
  • Successful strategies used by freight forwarders to replace or update their current solutions 
  • How modern cloud-based data connectivity can retain all the benefits of these platforms while effectively addressing well-known challenges

Who Can Benefit from This Webinar:

This event is designed for professionals in the logistics, supply chain, and transportation industries, in addition to anyone looking for modern alternatives to legacy ocean trade and container-shipping platforms. Whether you're a freight forwarder, shipper, carrier, or any other stakeholder of the ocean shipping industry, this event provides practical insights for tackling challenges.


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Natalia Gerasina

Business Development and Project Management, Youredi

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