Understand your business processes

In a modern networked world, you need to be able to fetch information from multiple sources in order to understand your own processes.


Your business processes are complex. They consist of multiple parts, some carried out by different units in your organization, some carried out by your vendors and partners. You know that there’s plenty of room for improvement, but you don’t have a unified view of the overall process. You know your BI tools and would be ready to analyze and improve your operations. But the data is scattered all over the place, in data silos both within your organization and outside of it, and you just can’t get the overall picture.



As modern business processes require participation from multiple parties, typically across organizations, it may be hard to access all the information required to do well informed decisions of the overall process. However, when you utilize Youredi’s modern integration platform to automate the exchange of information between sub-processes, you already have access to the majority of business-critical information in different stages of operation. As Youredi is a versatile iPaaS platform, it is a trivial task to provide this combined information into a centralized data store to be accessed by your BI tools.



With the data between disparate systems being integrated using Youredi, you already have achieved significant improvements in your business processes. In addition to that, as our iPaaS solution is participating in your crucial data flows, it is able to feed you with real-life, real-time data of your operations. With having all that data - from beginning to the end of your business processes - at hand, it is easy for you to start drilling down to the details of your processes - and take the next step in your optimization and development journey