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Geesche Laksola 17.03.2021 16 min read

Transportation Management Systems (TMS), their Connectivity Strategies and Effect of Industry Consolidation

In our previous blog post, "What is a transportation management system (TMS), and why do ...
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Andrei Radchenko 10.03.2021 12 min read

What is a Transportation Management System (TMS), and why do you need it?

Over the last two decades, due to the broad availability of the internet and technologies ...
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Sami Tähtinen 23.02.2021 11 min read

Value-Added Networks (VANs) on the Oxen Road

In Finland, there are a lot of summer houses – approximately one summer house per ten ...
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Andrei Radchenko 09.02.2021 10 min read

Is a cloud-based managed service the best way to handle your EDI and B2B integrations?

In modern business reality, no company can operate in a vacuum. Every business revolves ...
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Geesche Laksola 03.02.2021 8 min read

Why and how to keep track of your ocean container shipments

Whether first or last mile, transport logistics is a key component of the buying ...
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Geesche Laksola 19.01.2021 9 min read

How to automate EDI-204s, truckload tender process

This article is the first part of our new Youredi Best Practices Series intended to help ...
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Andrei Radchenko 17.11.2020 6 min read

TradeLens platform is a game-changer for the ocean shipping industry

It is not a secret that ocean shipping is the most popular and cost-effective method of ...
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Andrei Radchenko 03.11.2020 10 min read

Choosing an iPaaS provider that will help your business to grow

The average business today cannot exist in isolation. Companies integrate more systems, ...
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Sami Tähtinen 27.10.2020 7 min read

Tuning the world’s most complex engine

The modern world, as we know it, relies on the reliable and predictable flow of goods ...
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Jere Kolehmainen 22.09.2020 9 min read

Benefits of Data Aggregation in supply chains

The supply chain industry is a massively fragmented market crying out for consolidation ...
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Markus Erdner 15.09.2020 15 min read

Digital twins or just digital relatives: integration challenges in the maritime environment

The following article tries to describe integration challenges going along with building ...
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Andrei Radchenko 08.09.2020 8 min read

The complexities of freight-related billing and payment automation

The logistics industry is lagging in the deployment of technology, processes, standards ...
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