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The Lesser of Two Evils: Comparing Data Integration Projects and ERP projects
Recently we came across a customer project where the owner of the project told us in the kick-off meeting that we had won their business over few...
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System Integrators
Our blog on what system integration is has been a real success. There has been immense interest in the topic. This is why we thought to dive deeper...
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Data Quality: “No Garbage In, No Garbage Out”
Our society runs on information. Without accurate and reliable information, our world would become dysfunctional. Frankly, pretty quickly everything...
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What is data integrity?
In many of our blogs, we are talking about how vital data integrity is. To clarify what it means, we decided to write a detailed guide for those that...
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10 Reasons Why Integration Projects Fail
Integration projects have a terrible reputation. They are costly, they take a lot of time and, more often than enough, in the end, they may not...
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Benefits of data integration
If you are reading this post, you probably already have some sort of data integration solution in place, whether it’s coded by hand or developed with...
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What is Data Integration?
There are many types of integration. If you remember our blog on what iPaaS is, we have listed a bunch of those. System integration, application...
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iPaaS Comparison: Leaders vs. Challengers
Finding the right iPaaS for your company’s integration challenges can be difficult. There is a lot of supply on the market and evaluating each vendor...
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"The Container Transportation Industry Has Faced Turbulent Times"
  Youredi had the opportunity to speak with an expert of the container logistics industry, Rolf Neise, to discuss the importance of technology in...
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What is Electronic Data Interchange?
Electronic data interchange (EDI) has been around for decades and it is still an important cornerstone of global trade. As EDI is also spelled out in...
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7 iPaaS Solutions You Need to Use Too
There are so many myths around iPaaS. Yes, it is a relatively new term, but integration platforms have been around for quite a few years already....
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What is system integration?
System integration is essential both for business-to-business communication and internal cooperation within an enterprise. As an iPaaS provider,...
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