Data Connectivity & Integration for carriers

Your OEM/White Label customer integrations are fully managed by Youredi.

Outsource your customer integration burden

Youredi helps carriers of all sizes and types connect with their customers’ systems. Both you and your customers can continue to work on your own systems and according to your own in-house messaging standards and processes. Youredi takes care of all the necessary translation and onboarding work.

You already have your own IT and integration departments, right? We can work independently or in close collaboration with your teams, and offload them when needed.

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Click the link below to learn how easy it is to connect with Pacific International Lines (PIL) via Youredi’s fully managed connectivity service.

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A Solution for Shippers and Forwarders that Carriers Can Also Benefit from 

Ocean booking data connectivity

Ocean Booking Data Connectivity is a subscription-based, fully managed solution that aims to increase the efficiency of the ordering processes for ocean-shipping companies. This service focuses on connecting partners regardless of the systems they use or their current technical capabilities. Ocean Booking Data Connectivity covers the information exchange for all major steps of the ocean booking process, from booking requests to transport documents, or from sailing schedules to invoices, if needed.

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Solutions for Shippers or Receivers of Goods

By relying on us, you can streamline electronic bookings, seamlessly exchange digital shipping documents, and ensure real-time container tracking. In addition, you will be able to optimize inventory management, planning, and exception handling through data processing on a granular level via purchase orders, line items, and/or SKU numbers.

Automate your execution and visibility

Are you looking for an efficient solution that allows you to seamlessly exchange data with carriers and other parties you work with?

Youredi provides a turnkey solution that covers the information exchange for all major steps of the execution and visibility processes — from booking requests, transport documents, and sailing schedules to tracking events and invoices. 

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Discover how Youredi's integration platform can help your organization overcome its data connectivity challenges.
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