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A one-stop solution to automate execution and visibility

Are you looking for an efficient solution to exchange data with carriers and other parties you work with?

Youredi provides a turn-key solution that covers the information exchange for all major steps of the execution and visibility processes — from booking requests, transport documents or sailing schedules to tracking events and invoices. 

Messages you can exchange with carriers and trading partners

Using our solution, you will be able to exchange the following messages with carriers and trading partners:

  • Schedules​
  • Tenders, bookings, confirmations, orders​
  • Shipping instructions​
  • Shipping notices, stock updates, etc.​
  • Customs documents​- Supporting documents​
  • Track and Trace​
  • Notifications and deviation management​
  • Invoices

Youredi diagramm for FF


What makes us different

Youredi combines the advantages of the Logtech platforms and DIY integrations. More importantly, we skip their drawbacks, such as high costs and rigid product roadmaps. Our ecosystem includes ready-made carrier integrations from all transport modes from MSC to ZIM for the ocean, top 30 air carriers, leading road & parcel carriers, and leading TMS systems.


A unique combination of integration expertise, an understanding of the domain's business needs, the vast ecosystem of pre-connected parties, as well as the flexibility of Youredi's proprietary integration platform (iPaaS) enables us to provide efficient solutions that help freight forwarders improve execution and visibility.


Youredi's ecosystem of Ready-made Carrier Integrations


Whether you need to integrate with top carriers, such as MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM, or ZIM, or any other carrier, you don't need to develop integrations from scratch. Instead, you can leverage Youredi's existing ecosystem.

This way, you can significantly speed up your integration project and avoid unnecessary investments in a team of integration experts or expensive software and technology vital for in-house development.

Carriers from the ecosystem

In addition to ocean carriers, you can leverage connectivity with top 30 air carriers, leading road & parcel carriers, and leading TMS systems that are also part of the Youredi ecosystem. 

Learn more about the ecosystem>>

Airlines transparent

Don't have the resources to build multiple carrier-specific integrations?

Each carrier typically uses its own format and interface for ordering its services. Many work with legacy systems and integration standards, such as EDIFACT, while others only share their data via specific APIs.

By relying on us, you don't have to worry about this issue. Our solution will automatically process and convert the data, making it digestible for both ends.



Sometimes, a carrier might require booking information data you do not have readily available in a certain place in your ERP or another system. The Youredi solution can pull the required data from different places such as your ERP, WMS and TMS, combine and clean it, before forwarding to the carrier. The same applies in the opposite direction. The solution can also handle other types of data enrichment or validation. Just mention your needsduring the setup phase.




Fully Managed

You don't have to deal with anyone else to make it work. The solution is fully managed, meaning we will take care of the entire process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance, including onboarding all relevant stakeholders.

No changes to your existing IT system are required

The solution we provide is entirely cloud-based and has a form of a layer added to clients' existing systems, whether those are cloud systems, apps, or legacy systems. When utilizing our service, you don’t need to change your existing solutions. Instead, you can continue using data standards and formats that are convenient for your operations.

Predictable pricing

We offer a predictable, subscription-based model that incurs a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment depending on the volume of monthly data transfers.

Do you have more integration challenges?

Use Cases We can help you with

Data Aggregation

How can data be aggregated from multiple internal and external sources and be utilized in reporting, alerting, and notifications efficiently?

Helped by Youredi Rapids, you can automate the connections between different systems, technologies, and software applications to break down data silos and aggregate vital data in one place timely.


Solutions we offer:

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Ocean freight)

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Air freight)



Logtech platforms connectivity

Being an official partner of TURVO TMS, TradeLens, and Oracle Transportation Management, Youredi offers solutions allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the platforms in full. 

Solutions we offer:

TradeLens integration service (Data contributors & Data consumers)

Logistics Service Providers (LSP) Data Connectivity for OTM Users

Data Connectivity Service For Turvo TMS Users 



Extending the functionality of your IT system

Extending your main IT system (TMS, TOS, etc.) by integrating functionalities from external applications or configuring some of the functionality as a part of Youredi iPaaS solution.


Solutions we offer:

Youredi Rapids Order2invoice Data Connectivity

Youredi Rapids eBoL Solution Connectivity

Enhancing partner integration

Enhancing partner integration to heterogeneous partner interfaces, including EDI messaging, in-house formats, and API interfaces.

A new technological component, Youredi Rapids Service Bus, will integrate different participants - whether utilizing synchronous or asynchronous messaging - easily and efficiently.


Solutions we offer:

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Ocean freight)

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Air freight)

Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking Data Connectivity



Discover how Youredi can help your business to increase the efficiency of operations.

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