youredi tradelens integration

Youredi TradeLens Integration

Connecting your in-house systems to the TradeLens APIs quickly and securely. To learn more, download the product sheet:

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tradelens connectivity

Connecting data feeds with TradeLens

The Youredi TradeLens Integration service creates connectivity between your in-house systems (e.g., EDI, ERP, TOS, TMS, WMS, or any other)  and the TradeLens APIs. The solution is fully managed, developed, and deployed by the Youredi Professional Services and Support teams. We’ll take care of the whole process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance.

Utilizing the service, you’ll be able to rapidly start collaborating with the business network of carriers, freight forwarders, ports & terminals, shippers, authorities, customer brokers, and more.

tradelens data sharing

Sharing real-time information

Whether you are a data consumer or a data contributor, through the connection to the TradeLens platform, you’ll be able to share and receive real-time information seamlessly and securely regarding your supply chain.

The Youredi solution takes care of the data translation, so you can always send and receive data in your preferred data standard or format. The solution can work both with structured (rich data) and unstructured (PDFs, scans, images) data. Whenever it’s necessary, we also provide data validation and data enrichment logic.

tradelens process automation digitization

Digitalizing & automating processes

The Youredi Tradelens Integration service helps you to digitalize and automate your cross-organizational business processes with the entire ecosystem. Processes, such as import & export clearance can be automated for efficiency, security, and auditability. Integrating your in-house systems with the TradeLens platform means that you’ll be able to move away from legacy workflows within your organization, as well as automate processes across multiple trading partners replacing costly, repetitive, and error-prone manual inputs.

youredi tradelens integration pricing

The Youredi Tradelens Integration Service Pricing

We provide a predictable pricing model for the proven integration service. For detailed information on the pricing of the service, please download the brochure below.


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