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Do you want to become a digital disruptor in your industry?

It’s easy to forget what life was without digital services and products. When we needed to visit the nearest bank office to make money transfer, or when we sent a package to someone living abroad and we never knew when the package would arrive.

Nowadays, we can track the balance of our bank accounts on our smartphones on-the-go, make money transfers in just under seconds, and track most of our shipments or purchases.

However, we as consumers are demanding more digital and more convenient services. Many startups have realized the enormous possibilities that smartphones and computers have granted to us and have been utilizing it substantially, creating digital services that have been disrupting the traditional market landscape.

Nevertheless, becoming a digital disruptor is possible for anyone – regardless of the industry or the age of the systems used. All it takes is a great digital transformation strategy with the right tool and partner that fuels the engine – and probably this is the most difficult part of the entire journey.


Initiate Digital Transformation


I like to think that at Youredi we are directly enabling our customers to deliver a better experience for their customers by equipping them with solutions to become more digital. We are undertaking the challenge of digital transformation together with our customers. The road to transformed operations and processes is demanding, however, it’s essential to take action to initiate change.

Digital transformation is essential for any “traditional” company that wants to become the next digital disruptor in their industry – or even then when the goal is simply just to stay competitive.

Will companies survive that do not innovate and digitalize? Most probably, no. History has shown us that companies that fail to recognize in time the need for change, will slowly disappear. If you think of the last two decades, how many Forbes 500 could you name that no longer exists or lost market share, because they failed to innovate?

So how do we at Youredi enable our customers to pioneer in digital transformation?


“You must have a vision to start digitalization”

I’ve been having discussions with many of our customers asking them about their experience on how they see their digital transformation journey. We want to be at the front to push our customers to become more successful within their industry.

Obviously, for most of them, it was a big project to undertake, even when only parts of the businesses and processes have been digitalized. Most of them agreed though that starting out small is a good way to go before executing a digitalization strategy that is embracing different operations, departments, and processes.

Take a simple process that could be more efficient, that could be automated or happen faster, and will also prove the financial success of the overall digitalization in the future.

Digital transformation cannot simply be a departmental thing, it’s something that sooner or later must happen organization-wide. The change needs be led from the top, ideally from C-level to ensure that the blockers and barriers of the process can be overcome.

We are powering our customers with an essential data integration tool that is vital for executing a digital transformation strategy.


The engine of digitalization


Data integration is the core of the digitalization process. Despite that the integration platform as a service market is rapidly growing, the topic is far from being as trendy as blockchain and other emerging technologies of the last couple of years. However, adapting to an integration platform can change the way you operate.

An integration platform complements existing IT systems, meaning that starting the digitalization project states minimal risk, as there is no need for changing the core system. It can easily connect different systems and applications regardless of their type or age. This allows us to transfer information between systems in real-time, translate the data, transform the message formats if necessary, and validate data fields according to the specific needs of your business.


Innovation with minimal risk

When I interviewed some of our customers, I wanted to know what was their biggest concern in the beginning of kicking off their cooperation with Youredi. Most of them mentioned that transforming traditional operations is perceived as a risk. It is considered as a risk both financially and from a security point of view.

From a financial point of view, the project states minimal risk due to the fact that there is no need to invest in hardware or software. Our solution has been built Microsoft Azure and therefore it’s extremely agile. Additionally, the pricing model is tailored according to the specific needs of your business – making sure that investing in our data integration tool helps to grow your profit margins.

Youredi can connect your systems and business applications with any of your partners, however, ensuring that security remains top priority. As an add-on, Youredi can access data also from behind the firewalls without jeopardizing security concerns.


Tailoring your solutions

Do you think that a data integration layer could help you become a digital disruptor in your industry? We are glad to hear about your needs and help to map out the best solution for you. Our experienced data integration professionals can guide you on your digital transformation journey, ensuring that your operations become more efficient and cost-effective. 


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