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FMCG retailer chooses Youredi to provide real-time visibility into air freight

Helsinki, Finland, December 2017 - Youredi, a leading provider of data integration services was selected to provide a global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retailer with a solution for full real-time air freight visibility. Youredi’s Air Cargo Track&Trace solution assists with supply chain and trade lane optimization by allowing real-time integration to carriers and global tracking of shipments. This ensures that the goods are delivered to points of sale and distribution centers on time.

For FMCG retailers route optimization and speed-to-market/fulfillment are crucial element of executing the supply chain strategy. Shipping short-life-cycle products to stores and customers directly all around the globe needs to happen quickly to stay responsive to rapidly changing trends and customer demand. Each step of the supply chain needs to be optimized. Therefore, tracking air freight is essential to ensure that all parties have real-time information on the status of the shipments.

Youredi’s solution enables tracking of all air freight shipments. Based on the electronic Air Waybill numbers (FWB/FHL) of the shipment, the customer receives automatic Flight Status Updates (FSUs). All shipments can be tracked across multiple carriers in a single platform on a map which can be accessed from any device. The solution ensures that the user can see all necessary data on the status of the shipment from departure to arrival. Accurate, real-time information and alerting on air cargo shipments contributes to better supply chain planning and allows for accurate and flexible allocations of inventory while meeting the crucial criterion of on-time delivery.

“Air cargo is an industry that has been traditionally slow to change. Nevertheless, digitalization is inevitable and the adoption of new technologies must happen rapidly” – explained Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi. “Our services are disrupting different segments of logistics. In addition to providing freight forwarders with real-time air freight visibility, we are constantly expanding the capabilities of our technology to better serve the digitalization needs of air cargo.”

The Youredi Cargo Track&Trace solution provides visibility, analytics and reporting into both air and ocean cargo processes. Customers use Youredi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution to leverage the connectivity with forwarders and carriers so that they can send and receive validated clean data in real-time. Optionally, Youredi can provide these integrations into the customers’ business applications, business intelligence tools, and/or their control tower monitoring platforms.

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Youredi provides a cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service for creating interconnectivity across systems and business applications. Youredi iPaaS establishes the seamless flow of information, making the right data available, in the right format, at the right place and time for all relevant stakeholders.

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