Youredi Rapids Beta Program

This program is intended for organizations of any size operating in the maritime or global logistics industries.

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Youredi Rapids Beta Program

The logistics industry is in constant change. The COVID-19 situation has given many organizations time to adjust their strategy and tactics; new ways to optimize current business processes and develop new complementary services have been examined.

What’s common for the majority, if not all, of the new initiatives, is the increased utilization of data across the whole value chain. Data-driven decision-making is a top priority for the industry. We at Youredi are focusing on exchanging that data between different stakeholders, whatever their technical IT background is; we can help the whole value chain to work more seamlessly and flexibly towards the common goal.

In order to help the maritime and logistics industry stakeholders to take a leap (not a step) in data connectivity, Youredi announces Rapids Beta Program and calls all organizations in the maritime industry and logistics in general to participate.

This program is focused on addressing key pain points of data connectivity and information sharing within the industry by developing sets of Rapids scenarios that will enable the industry stakeholders to overcome the challenges they have.

By participating in the Youredi Rapids Beta Program, you will get an opportunity to access Youredi's unique solutions before the rest of the industry. Utilizing those, you will get a chance to reach your targets and overcome your biggest integration challenges. 

Since all Youredi Rapids solutions are based on our unique technology and provided as fully managed cloud-based integration services, you will be able to showcase the results to the industry and partners within a short time and with minimal investment. Besides that, all the participants receive significant benefits varying from lower costs to having an influence on Rapids product details.


Youredi has been helping its customers in the logistics industry for years by creating solutions that help our customers’ specific integration challenges. These solutions have – and will be – built according to your individual needs and configured according to your specific business process requirements.

However, at the same time, we have seen that even though details may vary, there are specific repeating patterns across the domain. Integration with trading partners, ensuring data validity and aggregating data from different sources are just some of these patterns. As we are encountering these challenges and resolving them for our customers over and over, we are in the process of developing the Youredi Rapids product portfolio of genuine SaaS offerings.

Youredi Rapids scenarios

Youredi Rapids consists of several scenarios – you may call them patterns or use cases – repeating in the logistics industry. By examining these scenarios deeply, we are packaging solutions that will address these common challenges. Sample scenarios include

Data Aggregation

How can data be aggregated from multiple internal and external sources and be utilized in reporting, alerting, and notifications in an efficient manner?

With the help of Youredi Rapids, you can automate the connections between different systems, technologies, and software applications to break down data silos and aggregate vital data in one place timely.

Data Quality

How can you be sure that information received from multiple sources (often external to your organization) is valid on both technical and business level – and how to react to incorrect data?

 Youredi Rapid ensures data quality and allows transforming data to the expected standards. As a result, all your data will be in the right shape and meet the required standards.

Extending the functionality of your IT system

Extending the functionality of your main IT system (TMS, TOS, etc.) by integrating functionalities from external applications or by configuring some of the functionality as a part of Youredi iPaaS solution.  

Enhancing partner integration

Enhancing partner integration to heterogeneous partner interfaces, including EDI messaging, in-house formats, and API interfaces.

A new technological component, Youredi Rapids Service Bus, will make an integration between different participants - whether utilizing synchronous or asynchronous messaging - easy and efficient.

All Rapids packages will contain the following components:
Description of the use case; what is the challenge this package will be solving?  
Common templates and solution libraries based on top of Youredi iPaaS, making set-up as efficient as possible; however, as customer environments vary on technical details, some set-up work will always be required.  
Utilization of Youredi Rapids Service Bus, a technology developed by Youredi enabling scalable and reliable message exchange between different organizations within the industry.  
Youredi iPaaS

the technology behind Youredi Rapids

Youredi Rapids is based on Youredi iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) solution. As it is capable of receiving and updating data on different applications – whether they are on-premise or cloud-based solutions – Youredi Rapids can be used to build solutions that can utilize information from different sources and update data in different sources – in other words, it can create solutions that utilize your existing IT assets in a way that fits best your business requirements.

Youredi Rapids will introduce new technological components, such as the Youredi Rapids Service Bus and EDI Translator to complement the Youredi iPaaS platform. By joining the Rapids Beta Program, you will be among the first ones to benefit from these recent developments.



Why should you participate in the Rapids Beta Program?

By participating in the Youredi Rapids Beta Program, you will have a unique opportunity not only to access our data integration and connectivity solutions earlier than the rest of the industry but also to say your word on the further development of Rapids scenarios


At this point, you can participate in the program only as a Development Partner.

Development Partner Role

Participating as a Development Partner, you will get a chance to tackle all data connectivity challenges and pain points you have, as well as help us identify the industry's needs that are not yet on our existing Rapids solution packages roadmap. In this scenario, you will help us identify new use cases and explore their details; if Youredi decides to include mutually identified use cases to the Rapids product portfolio, you will be receiving discounts for Youredi Rapids offering a further period than being just a Beta Participant.

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What will I gain for participation?

  • You will be able to contribute to the contents of the Rapids offering via the Beta Program. The use cases and details that you will bring to the table will benefit not only the industry as a whole, but you would be a front-runner when building next-generation integration solutions.

  • If Youredi decides to add the solution that you have helping us to define and generate to the Rapids portfolio:

    - You will receive a 100% discount from set-up fees, including all customer-specific configuration as long as it is connected to the specific Rapids solution

    - You will receive a 50% discount for ongoing fees when running in production mode (running the technical solution) for 24 months’ time. After the 24-month period, you have the possibility to convert the solution to a full subscription or cancel the subscription.

How to participate?

Participating in the program, you will be required to share information with us in order to develop the solutions jointly. The first phase would be signing a mutual NDA, after which we would set up joint calls that will lead you through the beta participation program. You would be assigned a contact person within Youredi who will guide you through the program, explain the benefits, and find out the required information regarding your specific challenges. When going forward, Youredi will create the beta solution for your organization – a solution that you can utilize in production usage under beta subscription terms, and convert it to a full solution after the beta program if the solution satisfies your needs.

Ready to participate?


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Contact us and tell about your specific challenges – let’s find out if the Rapids Beta Program could help you.

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