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Case Study: Europe’s Leading Fashion Giant Enhances Air Freight Tracking with Fully Managed Airline Data Connectivity Service

This case study explores how Europe’s leading fashion giant enhances its air freight tracking capabilities by leveraging Youredi's data connectivity solutions.

The Challenge

The fashion industry demands rapid turnaround times from design to retail, making speed-to-market and fulfillment critical. Products with short life cycles must reach their destinations quickly to meet ever-changing fashion trends and consumer expectations. Therefore, every stage of the supply chain must be optimized for efficiency and speed.

Our customer, a leading multinational clothing company from Europe, leverages more than 20 air carriers around the world to ship goods to stores, warehouses, and directly to customers. While each carrier the company works with provides freight tracking based on electronic air waybill (e-AWB) numbers, for the longest time, there wasn’t a centralized system or platform that could be used to collect and monitor shipments from all carriers. This lack of a unified system required the company to invest more effort, time, and resources into managing the process. Therefore, a unified tracking solution that provides real-time information on shipment statuses, while ensuring process automation, is essential.

As most of today's renowned airfreight Track&Trace solutions have limitations regarding the airlines they can work with, and neither building connectivity in-house nor using manual processing to fill this gap was an option, the company chose Youredi RAPIDS Air Track&Trace Data Connectivity, a fully managed, ready-to-use solution for connecting with any airline and carrier per customer request, to achieve full visibility for all shipments.

The Solution

Youredi RAPIDS Air Track&Trace Data Connectivity is a ready-to-use solution that enables businesses to automate their air freight tracking process and simultaneously track multiple shipments from a range of carriers within a single preferred application or IT system, such as a WMS, TMS, ERP, or any other system.

The solution is based on Youredi iPaaS, designed to efficiently meet the data connectivity needs of the global logistics and supply chain domain. Moreover, this service allows businesses to enjoy the Youredi ecosystem of pre-connected carriers and systems, while offering full flexibility in the rapid onboarding of additional carriers and business partners upon request.

Youredi’s solution provides comprehensive tracking of all air freight shipments by integrating with any airlines and carriers critical to the customer. Using the electronic Air Waybill numbers (FWB/FHL) of the shipments, the customer receives automatic Flight Status Updates (FSUs) delivered directly to their IT system. This allows them to see all necessary data associated with the shipment status from departure to arrival in real time. In addition to providing business-critical information, this solution can send alerts pertaining to the air cargo shipment status, enhancing supply chain planning and ensuring maximum efficiency in inventory management and supply chain operations.

The Benefits

Implementing Youredi's solution has provided the company with several significant benefits:

  • Fast Onboarding: Rapid onboarding of new carriers by request.
  • Limitless Connectivity: Unlimited connectivity with air carriers through the flexibility and efficiency of Youredi iPaaS.
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies: Improved T&T process through automation and alerts.
  • Enhanced Planning and Forecasting: Accurate and timely data on all shipments, which is crucial for meeting market demands in the fast fashion industry.
  • Improved Supply Chain Visibility: Enhanced visibility across all shipments, allowing supply chain professionals to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions.

The Conclusion

This comprehensive solution enhances our client’s air freight tracking and enables full visibility of its supply chain, which is vital for staying ahead of trends and maintaining its competitive edge within the industry.

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