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Case Study: Jordex Group Modernizes Ocean Carrier Connectivity Through Partnership with Youredi

This case study explores how Jordex, a global leader in transportation, logistics, supply chain, and storage, improved ocean carrier connectivity capabilities by leveraging Youredi's data connectivity solutions.

About Jordex Group

Founded in 1987, Jordex has evolved into a global leader in transportation, logistics, supply chain, and storage. Boasting over three decades of experience, the company stands at the forefront of shaping the future of logistics.

Jordex's dedication to client satisfaction, combined with its forward-thinking mindset, has positioned the company as a trusted partner in the global arena of transportation and logistics. Whether it's managing sea transport, air freight, land transport, supply chain solutions, or rail transport, Jordex Group has demonstrated a versatile and reliable presence.

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The Challenge

To provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of the global market, Jordex Group continuously embraces the latest advancements in the logistics landscape. One of the company's needs was the modernization of its systems and, consequently, ocean carrier connectivity. Specifically, Jordex decided to move away from legacy freight management platforms to opt for more advanced solutions.

As this shift implied establishing direct connectivity between the TMS used by Jordex and multiple carriers, as well as integration with several Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) that the company works with, Jordex chose to outsource this task to an integration partner, Youredi, a leading provider of fully managed data-integration services and connectivity solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.  

The Solution

To overcome the aforementioned transition challenge, Jordex chose Youredi's innovative Carrier Connectivity Service, which enables integration between any TMS and carriers. The scope of this case encompassed connectivity between Jordex's TMS and all major ocean carriers for all messages, with an opportunity to add additional carriers upon request in the future. Additionally, the service covers the technical integrations needed to connect with LSPs chosen by Jordex and/or their customers’ systems to the company’s own API.

Youredi's service is based on its proprietary iPaaS, which is designed to perform necessary mappings to match Jordex TMS’ current API specifications with carriers' and LSPs’ data formats to provide a single source of harmonized data.

The Benefits

As a result of this cooperation, Jordex not only joined the global movement of modernizing ocean carrier connectivity by replacing legacy platforms with more advanced solutions, but also avoided building integrations with partners and customers in-house.

With the Carrier Connectivity Service, Jordex is guaranteed rapid deployment and replicability, with the ability to add agencies and locations in minutes.


By choosing Youredi, Jordex ensures cost efficiency, modern technology with no downtime, responsive customer care, and predictable pricing. In addition, Youredi’s solution offers Jordex the ability to add new features and value-added services regularly.
This collaboration signifies not only Jordex's strategic move towards a modern solution, but also a shared commitment between Jordex and Youredi to shape the future of logistics connectivity.

The solution Youredi provides is versatile and can help modernize ocean carrier connectivity for any industry stakeholder, including TMS providers, freight forwarders, shippers, and carriers. Companies such as Dacher, PIL, ZIM, MyFreight, and many more are already benefiting from this solution.

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Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.

Youredi enables customers to scale their business and automation needs through its unified, modern platform for API and EDI transactions. In addition to technology, Youredi understands your business needs.

Youredi's solutions are versatile, secure, reliable, and available as a fully managed integration service. Youredi enables quick data connectivity and process integration between trading partners of any type. By integrating with ecosystems, carriers, shippers, consignees, and the systems they use, Youredi provides scale, speed, and agility for the global market. A seamless and timely flow of 100% accurate data provides organizations with the ability to analyze and optimize all their supply chain processes.

Youredi has a global presence with offices in Finland, the Netherlands, and the United States.

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