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Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and connectivity solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.

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Connecting the Dots of Global Supply Chains

We simplify our customer's processes through B2B integrations, from designing to implementing and running an integration through our iPaaS technology.

Youredi iPaaS is a market-leading cloud integration platform, built on Microsoft Azure technology, that provides highly efficient, scalable, and secure data connectivity.

A unique combination of integration expertise, an understanding of the domain's business needs, and the flexibility of our proprietary integration platform enables us to provide the most efficient solution for connecting the dots in any supply chain.

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Are you a Logistics Technology company that wants to scale and grow?

The data connectivity solutions we provide enable LogTech companies to focus on their core offering and expand their reach by providing better execution and increased data visibility to their customers.

Throughout the scope of our partnership with various LogTech solution providers, we have built new connections and harmonized data by utilizing existing connectivity while designing more complex solutions to complement our partners’ products.

With Youredi, you can expect:

  • Improved internal efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of better visibility and execution
  • Enhanced ecosystem of partners
  • Streamlined and digitalized communication with stakeholders
  • Decreased operational costs

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Are You a Shipper or Receiver of Goods Who Wants to Scale Your Supply Chain?

Youredi's data connectivity service is exactly what you need to manage complex data-sharing relationships with all your business partners.

By relying on us, you will be able to streamline your electronic bookings, seamlessly exchange digital shipping documents, and ensure real-time container tracking. Furthermore, our services help you optimize your inventory management, planning, and exception handling through data processing on a granular level via purchase orders, line items, and/or SKU numbers.

Benefits to Expect: 

  • Scale your supply chain

  • Eliminate costly manual processes

  • Grow your business margins 

  • Optimize your inventory management, planning, and exceptions

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Are You a Freight Forwarder, 3pl, 4pl, Freight Broker, or Logistics Service Provider Looking to Achieve Reliable Data Connectivity with Your Trading Partners?

Youredi provides a turnkey solution that covers the information exchange for all major steps of the execution and visibility processes — from booking requests, transport documents, and sailing schedules to tracking events and invoices.

Our solutions:

  • Combine the advantages of LogTech platforms and DIY integrations
  • Automate execution and visibility processes
  • Work with any technology or data format
  • Provide access to an ecosystem of ready-made carrier integrations 

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Are You a Carrier (Asset-owning or Otherwise) Providing Road, Ocean, or Other Transportation Services?

With Youredi's fully managed data connectivity service, you can enable the seamless exchange of data with all your stakeholders as well as efficiently onboard new business partners.

The solutions we offer cover the information exchange for all major steps of the transport execution and tracking process, from booking requests and transport documents to tracking events, sailing schedules and setting up invoices. In addition, all our solutions are technology agnostic, so you don't need to change anything on your end to exchange data efficiently.

Our solutions: 

  • Offer access to an ecosystem of pre-connected shipping systems, which can easily be added to later
  • Automate the entire booking messaging cycle  
  • Work with any technology or data format, including industry-leading standards and bespoke formats
  • Allow for data conversions and enrichment of multiple data sources
  • Provide efficient turnkey integration onboarding services
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For the past decade, Youredi has been developing integration services to the global markets – from building an integration expert team to manage customer projects to providing a cloud-based iPaaS to automate integrations. Today Youredi is the leading solution provider in the Supply Chain and Logistics integrations. Leading shippers, carriers, and data providers have trusted Youredi to deliver their most valuable data flows to run through Youredi’s iPaaS.

We believe that an integration project is not a technical project. It consists of people, planning, thinking and a lot of expertise and knowledge. Today data automation is the key to success, but without an integration expert automation is just a data flow between systems. Our library of use cases for Supply chain and Logistics makes it easy to start planning your next integration project.

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Explore our library of use cases for Supply chain and Logistics.
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