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25 Great EDI Service Providers

Updated on: February 24th, 2023

Although EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been around for decades and enabled enterprises to communicate with their business-to-business ecosystem, the popularity of EDI has remained strong. Many has started to shift from traditional EDI service providers to EDI service providers offering modern cloud-based solutions. They are changing from point-to-point integrations or an EDI Value-Added Network (VAN) to a cloud-based integration platform for their EDI service implementation. If you have read all the posts, you are well aware of how EDI is used and how it can be done more efficiently with the help of an iPaaS.

This post has collected 25 of the best EDI service providers to make it easier for you to define which service provider could bring the most value to your information exchange solutions.

Many of the solutions in this list are changing the way companies are doing EDI, making it more efficient, modern, reliable, and cost-effective. These 25 service providers were selected for a complete list of 72 providers. We have reviewed their websites to evaluate their products and services. In some cases, we have also discussed customer feedback from pages like Capterra and G2 Crowd.

The best EDI Service Providers in 2023

The list below includes a variety of vendors – some of them may provide EDI VAN, while others have a state-of-the-art integration platform. You may know some of them already quite well, while you will probably find a few ones that you’ve never heard of.

We suggest you check out all these EDI service providers, then evaluate their offers based on your EDI requirements and EDI challenges before you would move towards shortlisting the providers. 

1. Mulesoft

Mulesoft is probably the most known vendor on the list. Their Anypoint Platform for B2B integration offers the possibility of modernizing your EDI solutions with the help of APIs. APIs allow you to move beyond point-to-point integrations, thus simplifying the way you share information with your network.

Utilizing the Anypoint B2B, you will be able to connect with any parties regardless of their systems and applications. Mulesoft offers rapid onboarding of new stakeholders, several popular protocols, and message logging.

MuleSoft EDI solution

Mulesoft is an ideal choice for those that have an extensive trading network and need to manage multiple solutions simultaneously. A free trial is available from the website. 

Visit their website for more details >> 

2. Boomi

According to the information provided on Boomi's website, their solution transforms the way organizations do business with their trading partner network. 

“Boomi is the integration platform that intelligently connects your applications and automates your workflows. It allows effectively integrate with your vendors, suppliers, distributors, partners, and marketplaces to simplify processes and trade smarter.


Dell Boomi EDI Exchange

Boomi’s B2B EDI Integration Management solution supports the exchange and transformation of messages, workflow configuration, as well as testing and monitoring of transactions. All of these allow effectively integrate with all stakeholders, such as vendors, suppliers, distributors, partners, and marketplaces. 

Similarly to Mulesoft, those that have a sizeable business-to-business ecosystem may prefer Boomi compared to more traditional methods. You can test the solution for free by requesting a 30-day trial.

Visit their website for more details >> 

3. SPS Commerce

According to SPS Commerce, they have the largest retail network with pre-wired EDI connections. Specifically, over 500,000 trading connections and more than 105,000 players in the retail space. Hence, the EDI solution company provides can satisfy all types of EDI needs companies such as suppliers, vendors, 3PLs, carriers, retailers, and e-commerce might have. 

The EDI service of SPS Commerce is web-based, and it comes with an easy-to-use interface, so you will be able to set up your first connections to transmit messages quickly. The transmission happens through VAN, AS2, or other communication protocols. The solution is suitable for multiple fulfillment models. 

SPS Commerce EDI  solution

You can find more detailed information, as well as a free demo of the solution, on the SPS Commerce website. Plus, don't forget to check out their significant resources and blog.

Visit their website for more details >> 

4. Youredi

Youredi offers an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that is ideal for EDI. The cloud-based integration platform enables connectivity across any systems and applications, whether they are situated in the cloud or on-premise. Once all systems and applications are connected, the data transfer can happen in real-time (or it can be scheduled or happen in batches).

Youredi’s B2B integration solution has data governance tools that take care of the quality of the data. To reduce errors in the data, it validates all messages against the customers’ business rules and forwards them back to the sender for enrichment.

The integration platform offers high scalability for the solutions, therefore when your integration needs are changing, Youredi can rapidly onboard new partners. The solution is always fully managed by the professional services and support teams of Youredi.

Youredi b2b solutions

Although the information exchange happens in the cloud, Youredi has no ownership over your data. Youredi’s iPaaS has been built on Microsoft Azure, and it is entirely secure for exchanging business-critical information.

Discover the website for more details and a free product demo>> 

5. Cleo

Cleo Integration Cloud is an excellent tool for streamlining B2B and EDI processes whether the systems and applications are on-premise or in the cloud. Cleo promises to automate EDI processes to connect, transform, and route EDI and non-EDI document types between any applications.

Their service can process X12, EDIFACT, and TRADACOMS standards, transform and orchestrate data in these supported formats, automate data flows across systems, and accelerate the onboarding of new stakeholders. Additionally, they provide their customers with business intelligence on message transfers.

Cleo EDI solution

Visit their website for more details and get a product demo >> 

6. TrueCommerce EDI

Among other solutions for global trading partners, TrueCommerce offers managed electronic data interchange solutions, such as EDI managed service and B2B E-commerce. With the help of those solutions, you can achieve EDI compliance with all your suppliers to maximize sales and order value.

TrueCommerce offers over 92 000 global trading partner maps so that you can connect with any trading partners in an instant. They have a directory of the partners you can connect with, you can find it here

TrueCommerce EDI

Their website offers an extensive description of the mentioned EDI solutions, excellent customer success stories, including videos, and a helpful resource center that you don’t want to miss. Also, you can schedule a demo to see the solutions in action. 

Visit their website for more details >> 

7. Babelway

Babelway is a unique solution to automate 2b2 document flows between partners relying on different data formats and transfer methods. The company offers the following benefits to its customers:  Easily integrate new partners or new documents, connect any two IT systems, do a translation  between any two document formats, and guaranteed support for new technologies and standards with no need to
upgrade software.

This way, users of the solution will be able to connect anything or anyone, transform from/to any data format, manipulate data easily, control your document flows, generate reports, and archive securely.

Babelway EDI solution

Babelway offers a free 30 days trial, so before you would commit to purchasing their product, you can test it yourself. Their clear pricing makes it easy to evaluate what is the right solution for you. They offer small, not-so-small, even bigger, and custom solutions as well.

Visit their website for more details >> 

8. GoAnywhere MFT

FORTRA's GoAnywhere MFT (Managed File Transfer) helps companies to streamline their data exchange between their systems, employees, customers, and trading partners. It works with on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Their solutions help companies to collaborate better through connectivity, automate processes, translate data, and create audits and reports.

Fortras GoAnywhere MFT
Also, the company commits to helping organizations comply with key regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

Visit their website for more details >> 

9. Software AG B2B Integration

Software AG promises to simplify your B2B integration with its solution called The StreamSets platform.  The platform allows one to build and run the intelligent data pipelines needed to power data integration across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

One will be able to manage partners better, security certificates and processing rules, speed up on-boarding, reduce errors, and adapt to reusable mappings.

Software AG B2B integration

Visit their website for more details >>  

10. EDI Source

EDI Source offers a variety of EDI solutions for its customers to ensure that they can seamlessly exchange information with their trading partners and automate all B2B transactions. Among those are the following:

Besides, the company offers products for information exchange through AS2 protocol or services, such as ERP and Trading Partner Integrations.


If you are looking to learn more about EDI, EDI Source has excellent resources for you.

Visit their website for more details >> 

11. Adeptia

Set up connections quickly with Adeptia to manage trading partner data exchange. You will be able to extend EDI with XML, Excel, Web Forms, real-time APIs, and even unstructured data.

Based on the information from Adeptia's website, the company promises that all its clients can save 10-20K USD for a business customer integration and integrate up to 80% faster.

Adeptia To see what  Adeptia can do specifically for your company, we advise you to book a free demo.

Also, you can visit the company website for more details >>  

12. Amosoft EDI Services

Amosoft offers EDI solutions and services for a range of business domains. Among those are e-commerce, retail, logistics, manufacturers, grocery, and healthcare.

The solutions and services are tailored as per the requirements of customers to perform EDI data translation between different systems. These are able to ensure Flat file conversion, XML mapping, and other data manipulation to apply specific business rules.  The motto of the company is "make Integrating EDI easy".

Amosoft EDI integration solutions

Visit their website for more details >>

13. Lobster

Lobster is a company that provides solutions enabling digital transformation for the company's customers' business. According to Lobster's website, they offer a one-stop-shop solution for data integration and process automation. Equipped with this tool, companies can handle EAI, EDI, ETL/ELT, MFT, Industry 4.0 & IOT integrations. Plus, it is a no-code platform, so it should be a relatively smooth experience without the need to have a team of experts doing programming and scripting. Instead, you will get an intuitive HTML5 interface, ready-to-use functional building blocks, and central monitoring. 


Visit their website for more details >>

14. TrueCommerce-ecUtopia

TrueCommerce-ecUtopia promises its customers supply chain visibility by connecting retailers, vendors, manufacturers, carriers, 3PLs, and consumers. Besides B2B data sharing, they also provide user dashboards and reporting and alerting on the events.

According to the information provided on the company's website, they work with a number of systems.  A free product demo is available on the website. 


Visit their website for more details >>  

15. DataTrans Solutions

DataTrans Solutions is known for providing flexible, all-in-one EDI that scales alongside organizations supporting small companies to large corporations. Their Complete EDI & eCommerce Solutions allow connecting, integrating, automating, and expanding the business of Datatrans solution clients through better connectivity of their entire network of trading partners on a single platform. As one customer noted on the website: “DataTrans has done an amazing job streamlining all communication with our customers. It has taken our company to the next level. Wonderful customer service, and very responsive to all of our needs. Would highly recommend!”

Datatrans EDI Solutions

The solution integrates with any application for complete automation. DataTrans integrated EDI seamlessly connects with accounting systems, shipping services, ERPs, 3PLs and virtually any application. DataTrans EDI experts provide a seamless, quick and easy setup with any trading partner of any industry. 

Visit their website for more details >> 


BSI offers a wide range of integration solutions for NetSuite, Dynamics, SAP, and many others. They support ANSI x12, EDIFACT, VICS, UCS, CSV, XML, cXML transactions through protocols such as AS2, FTP, FTPs to easily connect to an EDI VAN.

Apart from EDI expertise, the BSI has an experience in the supply chain and distribution as well as experience with ERP software integrations. As a result, the company offers the following to its clients:

  • Turn-key EDI Setups, which implies over a thousand integrated retailers, warehouses, and other supply chain actors. 
  • Pre-built Integration with many ERP systems
  • Predictable and clear pricing

BSI solutions to integrate with your customers

Visit their website for more details >>  

17. XEDI 

XEDI offers an EDI platform to connect customers and suppliers and process orders, invoices, and other electronic transactions automatically. They integrate ERP systems, such as Xero, Sage, Intuit QuickBooks, NetSuite, and SAP. Their product page provides an excellent description of what the platform itself can do, so we suggest that you check out if it’s the right EDI service provider for you. 


Visit their website for more details >> 

18. EXTOL Business Integrator 

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) platform enables connections across trading partners and internal systems within hours with no coding experience required. With EXTOL you can connect any applications to forward data through Web Services, FTP, FTPs, SFTP, or SMTP. The platform is widely used by companies across multiple industries to introduce new efficiencies to stay competitive.


From the company's website, you can find pricing information as well as some details on the technical capabilities the solution provides. 

19. TrueCommerce B2BGatewaY 

TrueCommerce B2BGateway provides fully-managed EDI & API Connectivity for retailers, suppliers, and 3PL Integrations. Besides the EDI solutions, they have solutions for e-commerce, third-party logistics, and warehouse support.

TrueCommerce B2BGateway

Visit their website for more details >>  

20. EDI Fabric

EDI Fabric’s EDI software toolkit helps to generate, translate, and validate EDI. It comes with high-performance .NET EDI libraries and fully customizable EDI templates for HIPA, X12, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA, and PNGROV. They have signed customers, such as Deloitte, FedEx, or the Port of Vancouver. If you want to evaluate whether they are the right provider for you, we suggest downloading their demo. 

EDI Fabric Solutions

Visit their website for more details >> 

21. Seeburger

The Seeburger platform has been built for MFT, API/EAI, B2B/EDI, IoT/Ind.4.0. integration scenarios to help you drive your digital transformation. Their solutions are ideal for automotive, CPG & Retail, Utilities, Industry Machinery & Plant Engineering, Healthcare & Life Sciences, High Tech & Electronics, Financial Services, and Logistics. Seeburger has over 10 000 satisfied customers, and they demonstrate their success in case studies.

SeeBurger solutions for b2b- EDI integrations

Visit Seeburger's website for more details >>  

22. AS2 Gateway

AS2 Gateway’s name already gives away a lot: they help you with B2B Messaging over AS” with Security and Reliability. It is a SaaS EDI/AS” service for electronic business-to-business messaging. Besides transmitting messages, AS2 Gateway offers monitoring and statistics, logging and auditing, simplified certificate management, as well as internal connections for messaging. You can take the service for a test drive and start your free trial period. Their pricing page is very helpful: there are plans for personal, startup, business, and enterprise use. If none of these are relevant to you, you can get in touch with them for personalized pricing. 

AS2Gateway B2B Messaging

Visit their website for more details about the solutions and a free demo>> 

23. Comarch EDI

According to the company's website, more than 100 000 users from all over the world utilize Comarch EDI solutions. Among those are world-class customers, such as Unilever, BIC, Metro Systems, Carrefour. They offer full EDI support for all supply chain operations – for manufacturers, petrol stations, distributors, logistics operators, banks, small shops, supermarkets, or farmers. The solutions focus on e-invoicing, purchase-to-pay, supply chain financing, e-commerce, integration services, data exchange, and data pool. Comarch EDI cooperates with retail chains, such as Aldo, Auchan, Baumax, Carrefour, Metro Group, Lidl, Rimi, Sainsbury, Tesco, and many others.

Comarch EDI

Visit their website for more details >>   

24. SY Supply Chain

SY Supply Chain is an evolved NetEDI solution addressing the needs of the supply chain domain, including EDI connectivity. To address the EDI needs of businesses, they offer Netix One - a robust and scalable solution that enables businesses to connect
to their trading partners and expand their network. With its help, companies can connect with any trading partner globally and reduce manual data entry, often causing errors and inefficiencies.


Visit their website for more details and a free demo >> 

25. Flow Software

When you are visiting the company website, you can see a bold statement - "Connecting Everything". So, EDI is part of that offer. Flow Software provides a platform developed for integration, EDI, and APIs. You can sign up for unlimited 30-day access to full integration functionality and build connections to enable data mapping and business workflow design processes. During the trial, you will be able to try also the Flow API. Additionally, a Flow integration expert will help you to kick off your trial period and make the most out of the product.

Flow Software

Visit their website for more details >>  


How to choose the best EDI service provider that matches your requirements?

We know that it is a lot to digest and research, but we hope that this blog has simplified the analysis that you need to do to find the best EDI service provider that will help you with your EDI challenges.

Once you have checked out this blog, go and visit the websites of all the vendors listed to discover how their offers match your business-to-business integration challenges. Get pen and paper, and shortlist the most interesting ones, go back to them again, look into their products, their pricing options, discover their success stories, and download some resources. 

After all this research, go through your shortlist, evaluate it once again, and then reach out to the ones that could be the best options for you. Engage with them in a couple of meetings, and talk to their tech people to learn all the details. We think that after all these steps, you will be closer to finding a solution that is the right choice for your needs.

If you do not want to deal with EDI yourself and are looking for EDI-managed service providers, check out the list of 10 EDI-managed service providers that are able to handle the electronic data interchange on your behalf.

Just as a closing remark, you may want to ensure that the EDI service provider can also support you with other segments of your integration strategy, such as hybrid or application integrations. Another factor you want to consider is who could help you to modernize your current EDI efforts and make you more efficient concerning productivity and costs.


Editor’s note: This article was initially published in 2018. However, to reflect the most current information, it was updated on February 24th, 2023. Andrei Radchenko contributed to this material.

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