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Andrei Radchenko 30.11.2022 16 min read

6 Ways a Modern iPaaS Can Enhance your TMS Business

Today, the most prominent technology facilitating better planning, optimization, and ...
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Andrei Radchenko 28.10.2022 9 min read

3 Ways To Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

More and more, top management within corporations identifies the supply chain as a ...
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Andrei Radchenko 21.10.2022 10 min read

Is Effective Data Integration Critical for Supply Chain Resilience?

The COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, the war in Syria and then in Ukraine and many other ...
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Andrei Radchenko 29.09.2022 29 min read

Top 9 solutions to address supply chain visibility issues (2023 update)

Previously, we discussed the importance of supply chain visibility and briefly mentioned ...
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Andrei Radchenko 12.09.2022 16 min read

Achieving Supply Chain Visibility Through Modern Data Connectivity Solutions

To increase profit margins and provide a better customer experience, more and more ...
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Andrei Radchenko 13.06.2022 5 min read

Streamline and Simplify Your Integrations by Leveraging Youredi's Partner Network and Ecosystem

If you have ever wondered why Youredi's b2b data connectivity solutions are so efficient ...
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Andrei Radchenko 24.05.2022 12 min read

The importance of process integration and data connectivity in upstream and downstream supply chain

Supply chains consist of multiple steps in the value chain, getting a product from raw ...
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Andrei Radchenko 06.05.2022 16 min read

The Challenges Freight Forwarders Experience When Building a Carrier Ecosystem & how to overcome them.

Helping shippers and exporters find the best way to dispatch goods from A to B, a freight ...
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Andrei Radchenko 08.03.2022 9 min read

Purchase Youredi’s supply chain and logistics data connectivity solutions through Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)

Recently, we announced the availability of Youredi’s data integration services and ...
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Andrei Radchenko 08.02.2022 18 min read

How to cope if your business partner's API does not support Webhooks

As a shipper sending cargo worldwide or any other stakeholder of the global supply chain ...
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Andrei Radchenko 20.12.2021 17 min read

5 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends that will shape b2b data integrations in 2022

As we approach 2022, it is vital to understand what trends are taking place within the ...
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Andrei Radchenko 16.11.2021 10 min read

How to exchange binary documents with your trading partners via Application Programming Interface (API)

This article is the third part of the Youredi Best Practices Series intended to help all ...
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