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Hannu Turunen Interview: “Today, a fully integrated supply chain is your competitive advantage”
Hannu Turunen is the chairman of the board at Youredi. He has also been supporting Youredi’s journey in providing the global logistics industry with...
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Field of Dreams: The Trouble With API Integration
API integration can often be like the story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. As you may know, the story goes like...
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15 Awesome Data Integration Vendors
In an earlier post, we were focusing on listing the best iPaaS vendors. We also did a blog on the EDI service providers that many of our readers...
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Connecting with Airlines for Air Cargo Tracking using Air Waybill
Air Cargo is the fastest way to get your shipments from one point to another regardless where the goods are and where they need to go. Usually,...
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Data Integration Trends 2019
Data integration trends are continually changing, especially that today enterprises need to precisely plan how they are going to digitalize their...
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The World’s Most Popular Data Integration Tools
Have you ever wondered what might be the most popular data integration tools in the world? Initially, if you work in IT, you may be thinking of some...
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Global Logistics Trends 2019
Every year around November here at Youredi we sit down and discuss what the next year’s logistics trends are. While Youredi is an iPaaS vendor,...
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8 Ocean Shipping Logistics Technology Vendors to Watch
The efficiency of global ocean logistics is affecting your life more than you would imagine. It has an impact on the global economy and just by...
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The Lesser of Two Evils: Comparing Data Integration Projects and ERP projects
Recently we came across a customer project where the owner of the project told us in the kick-off meeting that we had won their business over few...
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System Integrators
Our blog on what system integration is has been a real success. There has been immense interest in the topic. This is why we thought to dive deeper...
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Data Quality: “No Garbage In, No Garbage Out”
Our society runs on information. Without accurate and reliable information, our world would become dysfunctional. Frankly, pretty quickly everything...
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What is data integrity?
In many of our blogs, we are talking about how vital data integrity is. To clarify what it means, we decided to write a detailed guide for those that...
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