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Streamline and Simplify Your Integrations by Leveraging Youredi's Partner Network and Ecosystem

If you have ever wondered why Youredi's b2b data connectivity solutions are so efficient for logistics and the global supply chains domain, this post is for you!

Perhaps you've heard that all our solutions are fully managed and based on two pillars. Specifically, these pillars are superior and innovative technology designed and developed with a focus on supply chain and global logistics integration needs (Youredi iPaaS), and a highly experienced and skilled team of integration experts, helping our clients turn their requirements into efficient integration solutions and running them 24/7.

What you might not hear about, though, is Youredi's network of partners and systems we work with - a third component making the company stand out from the crowd. Combined with the technology and the industry expertise, it makes Youredi the leading provider of data connectivity for the domain.

For the past decade, Youredi has been developing integrations for the leading shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, software companies, and data providers from around the globe. All integrations required close cooperation with various organizations, Logtech platforms, service providers, and institutions, which eventually, besides unique expertise, resulted in an ecosystem of actors with whom we have established ready-to-use connectivity vital to rapidly deploy the solutions we provide,

By clicking this link, you can explore our ecosystem and learn more about organizations, software platforms, service providers, and institutions we have cooperated with, whose systems we have integrated, or whose standards we have adopted.

Over years of cooperation with our partners and customers, we continued improving our iPaaS platform by adding new functionalities to effectively meet the integration needs of the domain.

Today, Youredi's product portfolio consists of several offerings that can be categorized into two groups, Youredi enterprise solutions and so-called Youredi Rapids. Youredi Enterprise Solutions represents tailor-made iPaaS integrations designed and developed to address specific issues of a particular client. For instance, you can nail down hybrid integrations of any complexity level, automate the data exchange process with any party regardless of the technology or data standard they use, ensure data accuracy by automatic harmonization, enrichment, cleansing, or bridge EDI and API worlds. Meanwhile, Youredi Rapids is a collection of use-case-based services solving specific needs such as the ocean or air freight track and trace routine automation, automation of ordering and invoicing processes, connectivity with Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) platforms and service providers, and integration with multiple ecosystems and platforms, such as TradeLens, OTM (Oracle Transportation Management), and Turvo TMS.

Whether you need simple connectivity with carriers, freight forwarders, Logtech platforms, or a complex solution covering integration with multiple stakeholders, Youredi's team will help you with this task.

Relying on us, our clients streamline their processes with integrations to achieve maximum operational efficiency. On top of that, the subscription-based payment model that the company utilises allows clients to avoid investing millions upfront in getting started with integrations.

From our resource center, you can learn more about the most common use cases for supply chain and logistics and explore case studies showcasing the data integration challenges we helped to overcome for our customers.

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