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Purchase Youredi’s supply chain and logistics data connectivity solutions through Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)

Recently, we announced the availability of Youredi’s data integration services and solutions in Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. This blog explains why acquiring our solutions directly from the marketplace will bring additional benefits to your business.

The Microsoft Commercial Marketplace is an online product catalog listing thousands of Microsoft-validated and approved IT software applications, services, and solutions developed by industry-leading technology companies. All marketplace offers can be divided into two spaces - AppSource and Azure Marketplace. While AppSource features business solutions - software as a service (SaaS) apps and apps - built for Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Power Platform, Azure Marketplace offers Azure infrastructure-based solutions built for IT professionals and developers.

The Youredi iPaaS - the state-of-the-art, innovative technology platform we designed and developed to meet our clients’ integration needs - is based on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Hence Youredi solutions built on top of the technology comply with the necessary MACC requirements to be offered to any Microsoft Azure client globally with a consumption commitment.

Through this relationship, Microsoft Azure customers such as manufacturing firms, retail companies, and logistics services providers can leverage Youredi’s fully managed data integration solutions, purchasing them directly through the Azure Marketplace with existing Microsoft contracts.

For today, Youredi has published five offerings on the marketplace – including an enterprise solution to address various integration challenges ranging from establishing simple API connectivity to complex b2b integrations involving multiple parties and systems (Integration Solution for Supply Chain and Logistics) and four offerings representing the Youredi Rapids line - a collection of products helping organizations overcome specific integration challenges common for the global supply chain and logistics (Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking connectivity, Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity, Air Track & Trace Connectivity, and Youredi Rapids O2I). More Rapids offerings to be added.

All the offerings are enrolled in the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) program, meaning that organizations can efficiently solve their integration needs and take advantage of all the benefits Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides.

The benefits of purchasing directly through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By acquiring solutions and services from Azure Marketplace, companies can significantly simplify software procurement and IT management due to the benefits the marketplace provides:

  1. Leverage your Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) benefit
    Purchase a qualifying offer on Azure Marketplace using a subscription related to your Azure agreement to retire your MACC balance.
  2. Eliminated complexity of managing individual vendor relationships and invoices
    Since you get a single, consolidated monthly bill from Microsoft that includes both your Azure Marketplace purchases and your Azure charges, your procurement team need not keep track of multiple purchases from different sources anymore.
  3. Streamlined procurement process
    Transparent contract agreements, consolidated billing and invoicing, and centralized subscription management streamlines the procurement process.
  4. Azure-approved and certified products only
    To ensure high-quality solutions and a positive experience for the Azure Marketplace customers, Microsoft validates all offers available from the marketplace according to specific criteria.
  5. Vendors’ terms and conditions are available as a part of the purchase flow
    All offers available on the marketplace provide links to the vendors’ license agreement and privacy policy. Acknowledging these agreements, as well as having an opportunity to view them, is part of the marketplace purchase flow.

Leverage Your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment to deploy Youredi’s data connectivity and process integration solutions

To use Microsoft Azure Marketplace services or Azure infrastructure, organizations often rely on Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) - a contractual commitment that customers make with Microsoft for specific amounts of Azure spend over time.

As clear from the definition, the amount of spending for Microsoft Azure services must be defined upfront. Since defining limits for Azure consumption is often challenging, companies allocate budgets exceeding their actual needs.

Given it is a “use it or lose it” kind of deal - it is impossible to get any credit or roll the left budget over for the next period - in the case of underspending the budget, companies could waste 5-15 percent consumption on hundreds of thousands of dollars unused in their commitments.

To check whether your organization has a qualifying agreement, you need to sign in to the Marketplace experience within the Azure portal under a tenant associated with your organization. Alternatively, you can contact the IT department of your company. Usually, they have this information. In the same way, you can discover the eligible spend for your commitment, including how much your organization has consumed and how much is left in the current period.

If you have a remaining Azure spend by the end of the period, you can purchase a Microsoft Azure eligible solution, Youredi.

Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain. So, if you have b2b data integration challenges and need a reliable and industry-proven solution, consider purchasing our products throughout your MACC agreement subscription.

This way, you will get not only an Azure-approved state-of-the-art software service allowing you to address various integration needs but also enable IT spend optimization by leveraging unused capacity under your Microsoft Azure commitment and enjoy all the benefits inherent for Microsoft's commercial marketplace.

To learn more about the offering, please visit our Supply Chain Data Connectivity for MACC users page, or click the links below to explore the solutions we offer directly from Microsoft Azure Marketplace:


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