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Case Study: Jones Logistics Adopts a New TMS to Elevate Efficiency and Ensure Backend Automation for Freight Brokerage

This case study explores how Jones Logistics, a renowned transportation solutions provider, improved its operational efficiency by implementing a new Transportation Management System (TMS).

About Jones Logistics

Founded in 1996, Jones Logistics has evolved into an industry leader, offering a comprehensive suite of transportation solutions, including pipe logistics, brokerage, flatbed, heavy haul, and forestry by-product transportation services. As a committed end-to-end partner, the company ensures a seamless experience for clients from start to finish.

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The Challenge

Given the nature of their operations, Jones Logistics collaborates with a wide array of partners and utilizes numerous systems. Unfortunately, these systems are often disparate and lack connectivity, resulting in the need for significant manual efforts to be undertaken. This not only poses potential operational risks, but also introduces inefficiencies that can negatively impact customer experiences.

In a strategic move to enhance efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and optimize operations, Jones Logistics has opted to transition to a new Transportation Management System (TMS). The challenge lies in the need to integrate all existing systems with the new TMS. Given the complexity and multitude of systems involved, conducting the integration in-house demands substantial investments in technology, IT resources, and unique integration experiences.  

The Solution

To overcome the challenge, Jones Logistics decided to collaborate with Youredi, a leading provider of fully managed data integration services and connectivity solutions for logistics and the global supply chain. Jones Logistics saw this type of cooperation as the best way to maintain its focus on its core brokerage business while avoiding significant investments associated with developing in-house integrations.

The service Youredi provides is fully managed and designed to address all the connectivity needs, enabling a seamless flow of data between key IT systems. As the service is based on Youredi’s iPaaS technology, it ensures 24/7 operation and proactive alerting in case of unexpected events, allowing for prompt responses and issue resolution. Moreover, the service permits solution scalability that allows it to match the growing needs of the company in the future.

By relying on Youredi's fully managed service, Jones Logistics ensured backend process automation without taking on the burden of integration work.

The Benefits

  • Hassle-Free Automation: The Youredi service provided a fully automated backend process, reducing manual efforts and operational risks. 
  • Cost Savings: This fully managed service covered all the integration work and streamlined processes, resulting in remarkable cost savings for Jones Logistics.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The automated system contributed to an excellent experience for all customers and partners.
  • Scalability: Youredi’s cutting-edge technologies ensure high scalability for the service, supporting the potential growth of Jones Logistics’ partner and customer network in the future. 
  • 24/7 Operations: The use of Youredi iPaaS as the core technology guarantees seamless data flows between systems, operating in a continuous 24/7 mode.


By embracing backend process automation through the partnership with Youredi, Jones Logistics successfully overcame operational challenges to achieve a streamlined, efficient, and scalable freight brokerage system. The collaboration not only enhanced internal processes, but also contributed to a superior customer experience, reinforcing Jones Logistics' position as a leader in the transportation industry.

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Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.

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Youredi has a global presence with offices in Finland, the Netherlands, and the United States.

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