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15 Awesome Data Integration Vendors (2023)

Last modified: January 26th, 2023 

In our earlier posts, we already provided listings of the best iPaaS vendors, the 25 great EDI service providers, and outlined all the essential aspects that should be considered while choosing an iPaaS platform for your business. Now, we decided to list some awesome data integration vendors that have the tools and the resources to help companies of all sizes with their complex and unique data integration challenges.

This article provides an overview of the following data integration vendors:

If we’ve missed anyone that should have made a list, please drop us a line, and we will revise this article.

In the case of all companies, we looked at the data integration solutions that the data integration providers offer, as well as some technical details when public information has been available. You will also find the links to all vendors’ websites so that you can get in touch with all of them to schedule a free trial or a demo.

Let’s dive into the details.

1. Actian

Actian is helping businesses build a bridge to a data-defined future. The company offers a variety of solutions and products for data management, data integration, and analytic databases enabling its customers to innovate faster, gain real time insights, modernize at any pace, leverage native data integration, and deploy anywhere.

Under data integration solutions, Actian offers the following products available right now: 

  • Actian Enterprise Data Integration - Solution allowing to connect data sources, applications and businesses to automate flows of information.
  • Actian DataConnect - A highly scalable hybrid integration solution that enables clients to quickly and easily design, deploy, and manage integrations on-premises, and in the cloud.
  • Actian Business Xchange -  a fully-managed B2B integration service to streamline the exchange of procurement and supply chain documents between trading partners.
  • Actian DataFlow - a solution to accelerate the analysis, extraction, transformation, and loading of data across a business.

With the help of these products, the company's clients can easily unify, transform, and orchestrate their data pipelines. 

If any of these solutions are interesting to you, we suggest you visit the company's website for more detailed information. Besides the solution overview, the website provides a lot of data sheets, white papers, and ebooks around data integration that you may find useful. And last but not least, you can schedule a demo for these solutions.

Actian - It is time to make your data easySource: Actian 

For further information, visit Actian’s website >>


2. Adeptia

Adeptia was already featured in our EDI blog a while ago, and the company definitely needs to be on this data integration provider list, too.

Adeptia offers a solution specifically for customer data integration. According to Adeptia, they can significantly shorten the deployment time from the typical 8 to 18 weeks by replacing custom coding and manual data entry with its “configure, don’t code” approach of Adeptia Connect. The benefits are clear: it will be easier for your customers to send you their data, you will receive all the data in your preferred data format to your systems, and you can completely remove the manual work needed.

Adeptia - Customer data integrationSource: Adeptia

For more technical details and further information on Adeptia’s other products, you should visit their website >>


3. Boomi

Boomi is one of the most known vendors from the list, and for years they have been leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS.

Boomi’s data integration platform helps iPaaS buyers to simplify and speed up their data integrations using the Boomi AtomSphere. Developers can use it to develop, test, and quickly deploy integrations. The tool also provides users with process logs to manage and monitor the activity of your data integration solutions.

Boomi - the integration platform

Source: Boomi

Visit Boomi’s website to see a 5 minute demo of the tool >>


4. Informatica

Besides Boomi, Informatica is another leader in the Gartner magic quadrant for integration. Whether your data is in multi-cloud or on-premises, Informatica’s hybrid data integration products can suit you. The tool can help you with challenging and straightforward integrations, and high performance and reliability are guaranteed.

Informatica offers the following data integration products that will work for for both - cloud-native and on-premises deployments:

  • Cloud Data Integration - Allows intelligent, automated, high performance, multi-cloud data integration at scale.
  • Cloud Mass Ingestion - To efficiently ingest databases, files and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics.
  • Cloud Data Quality - Helps to quickly identify, fix, and monitor data quality problems in apps, whether those are in cloud or on-premises business .
  • Cloud Integration Hub - Enables cost reduction and increase of resilience by ending point-to-point integrations.
  • Operational Insights - Solution to optimize performance with AI-based operational monitoring and insights.
  • Connectors (PowerExchange) - Out-of-the-box connectivity to integrate enterprise data sources.

A 30-day free trial is available! 

Informatica - Data Integration Tools and Solutions

Source: Informatica

Learn more about Informatica >>


5. Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration solution helps users to combine their data from different sources and harmonize and cleanse it for the best possible quality.

The company offers data integration solutions for the following industries:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Transportation

If you want to know more about this product, you should head to their website and start your 30-day trial to test the power of the tool yourself.

Hitachi Vantara - Data integration and analytics

Source: Hitachi's Pentaho Data Integration

Visit Hitachi’s website for more information and a free trial >>


6. Jitterbit

Jitterbit helps you to simplify the complexity of data integrations so that you can better utilize the information for business intelligence. Jitterbit offers an easy-to-use visual interface and wizard-driven tools so that even a business analyst can design, deploy and manage data integrations. Jitterbit provides its users with ETL and data integration solutions. Jitterbit also has connectivity to all major enterprise applications.

All in all, the platform enables data integration, automation, and innovation for all its users. 

Jitterbit - Workflow automation

Source: Jitterbit

For more information, visit Jitterbit’s website >>


7. OPEN text

OpenText helps organizations to streamline integrations and scale operations for a digital future. The company offers Business Network Cloud solution that encompasses the following products:

  • Hybrid Integration Platform
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • B2B/EDI Integration
  • Secure & Connected Ecosystems

Relying on this solution, you will be able not only to streamline your b2b connectivity with trading partners but also accelerate business through migrating to a cloud-based environment and optimizing processes across your supply chain. 

OpenText - Business Network Cloud

Source: OpenText

For more information, visit OpenText’s website >> 


8. Mulesoft

Mulesoft is probably the most well-known vendor from all the others on this list and Mulesoft has also been leading the market for several years according to Gartner.

Previously, we’ve written an article on comparing iPaaS providers dividing them into leaders and challengers. If you want to read a more detailed analysis of Mulesoft’s tool, make sure you read it.

Mulesoft offers solutions for customer data integration (CDI), as well as Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) methods for Master Data Management (MDM). The Mulesoft Anypoint Platform helps enterprises to simplify their data integrations so they can communicate across databases and applications. The Anypoint Platform offers specific components, such as:

  • DataWeave
  • CloudHub
  • Anypoint Connectors
  • Mule as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – an open-source integration platform
  • Anypoint Studio
  • Anypoint Enterprise Security

You can find detailed information about these, as well as schedule a product demo from the company's website. 

MuleSoft - Platform for API and integrationsSource: MuleSoft

For more detailed information on Mulesoft solutions and components, you should head over to their website >>


9. Oracle

The Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that provides solutions for all data integration requirements, such as integrating big data, handling batch processes, or SOA-enabled data services.

Oracle -Data Integration

Source: MuleSoft

For more information, visit Oracle’s data integration product page and download their documentation>>


10. SnapLogic

SnapLogic’s SnapLogic eXtreme supports organizations in moving to a completely managed data architecture. It has 450+ pre-built connectors to help with integrating structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from multiple data sources. SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud platform can integrate data from endpoints, such as data warehouses, APIs, or applications.

Being equipped with this tool, you can easily connect and automate your enterprise.

SnapLogic - Connect and Automate your enterprise

Source: SnapLogic

Read more about SnapLogic’s big data integration solutions >>


11. Talend

Talend’s data integration products are like a modern ETL. Using Talend’s data integration and management tools, you will be able to quickly and cost-effectively connect all your data. Talend’s data integration solutions have an open and scalable architecture.

You can compare the different editions of Talend’s data integration products by clicking the link below.

Talend - Data Integration

Source: Talend 

For more specifications on Talend’s data integration solutions, visit their product page >>


12. TIBCOScribe

TIBCO acquired ScribeSoft a while ago. Now TIBCOScribe offers cloud services for application and data integration. Whether you need a cloud-based integration platform (iPaaS) or an on-premises one, Scribe can be your tool. You will be able to connect disparate applications and enable the seamless flow of real-time information across them.

TIBCOScribe has no-code interfaces to accelerate enterprise application integration (EAI) projects by empowering even your business analyst with the tools and skills to create integrations.

TIBCO Scribe - Cloud-based Integrations

Source: TIBCO Scribe

For more information, visit TIBCO Scribe website >>


13. Information Builders 

Information Builders’ Integration Platform is another data management and integration tool acquired by TIBCO. The Platform allows accessing data across all systems and applications from all your stakeholders. This way, you can eliminate data silos and have real-time information at your disposal that you can use to optimize your processes.

Apart from making data easy to access, the platform makes analytics easy to consume.

IB Platform - Scalable data and analytics

Source: Information Builders/TIBCO

For more information on WebFOCUS, visit their website >>

14. Workato

Workato is a great product both for your business and IT so they can collaborate to automate business-critical processes across your organization. With the help of Workato’s platform, you can automate Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Customer Support, or Business Operations processes by choosing from the 150,000+ data integration recipes that Workato offers.

Workato - Maximum Power

Source: Information Workato

Visit Workato’s website to request a demo or to watch their tutorials >>


15. Youredi

Youredi offers fully managed data integration solutions utilizing Youredi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The solutions company provides are designed specifically for the Logistics and Supply Chain domain and provided as a fully managed service. 

In practice, this means that you don’t need to have an internal IT team to build your integrations. Youredi’s Professional Services team will help you to come up with the solution, they will develop, test, deploy, and maintain this on your behalf. This way, your team won’t be overloaded with a ton of extra work, as well as the need to get iPaaS training. Plus, you don't need to buy a software license or maintain the solution. Outsourcing the complete data integration pro

cess also lowers the prices of the data integration solution.

Youredi - Fully managed b2b integration

Source: Youredi

For more information on Youredi data integration solutions, visit our solution page >>


We hope this guide will help you to find the solution that will be the most efficient for your data integration needs. If you have any data integration-related questions, feel free to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to help you with your challenges.   

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