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25 Awesome iPaaS Vendors (2023)

Updated on: March 8th, 2023

If you have googled ’iPaaS vendors’ and you have just landed here, this is your lucky day. There are so many awesome iPaaS products on the market that we thought to give a shout-out to our fellows.

So this blog should help you to navigate across countless iPaaS vendors and provide you with a list of vendors that you should definitely check out in 2023.

Apart from that, it will help you to understand better what an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is, how it can bring value to your integration strategy, and what to look for when choosing an iPaaS vendor for your data integration needs. 

Table of contents: 

What is iPaas? 

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a suite of cloud solutions enabling the development, execution, and governance of a wide range of integration scenarios.

So it helps organizations ensure seamless connectivity and data exchange with trading partners as well as connect their own siloed technical infrastructure elements to make them work together. 

Why is iPaaS-based data connectivity beneficial for your business?

Since an integration scenario and integration needs might vary from case to case, different companies can find different sets of benefits they enjoy from iPaaS-based integrations. However, as the main benefits of iPaaS, we can list the following:  

  • It allows connecting different systems and applications in a faster and easier way
  • It facilitates real-time data exchange between two or multiple stakeholders, as well as eliminates data silos across your organization or supply chain
  • It is perfect for automating and scaling processes to eliminate manual operations that often cause data errors and process inefficiencies   
  • It is cloud-based, so you don't need to purchase software licenses or hardware, which improvs the total ownership cost for your integrations
  • In the case of a fully managed iPaaS, you don't need to employ and manage an integration team possessing unique skills and knowledge. 

Factors to consider while choosing iPaaS vendor 

Not to overload this post with lots of details, below we list the main points you should consider while choosing an iPaaS vendor. If you want to learn more in this regard, we have also prepared an article that outlines all essential aspects that should be considered while choosing an iPaaS vendor.

  • A vendor's focus and domain expertise to understand if this solution is efficient for your business needs
  • The technology behind the solution to better understand the limitations and benefits an iPaaS has
  • Set of integration scenarios and use cases it provides
  • Data formats and channels it works with
  • Pricing and operation model to understand what will affect the price of your integrations and how much (if any) talent you need to get those integrations up and running.  

Now, let's get down to business and look at the best iPaas solutions in 2023!

Top 25 iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) vendors in 2023

1. Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

Mulesoft is probably one of the best-known vendors on the integration scene. 

Mulesoft provides an integration platform (Mule ESB and CloudHub) that allows their customers to connect applications in the cloud and on-premise as well. According to Mulesoft, the platform allows automating anything and connects with everyone.

With the Anypoint Platform, you can design, publish, and manage APIs both on-premises and in the cloud, and the platform provides pre-built templates and connectors for the ease of use of the solution. All of these result in increased efficiency and reduced costs of integration.

They offer a wide variety of solutions for industries, such as financial services, government, healthcare, higher education, media, telecom, and retail.

Mulesoft iPaaS

If you haven’t yet checked out the Resources page of Mulesoft, I suggest you do. Also, by visiting the website, you can find a free trial offer allowing you to test the platform.

Learn more about MuleSoft >>

2. Boomi

You are probably also familiar with Boomi as it is a quite established name on the iPaaS scene. Their iPaaS delivers all that you need to accelerate digital transformation in your organization. Specifically, connectivity and data orchestration.

According to the Boomi website, their platform provides a faster alternative to complex, heavyweight suites and lightweight point solutions that can’t deliver what is needed to your digital transformation journey.

The list of connectors right on the home page is very impressive: SAP, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle E-Business Suite, NetSuite, Google Cloud, Amazon SQS, Magento, Amazon SNS, JIRA, LDAP/Active Directory, Aria, Box. Ultipro, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Google App Engine, Google Pub/Sub, Apex (Salesforce), just to name a few.

Boomi iPaaS

If you are using any of these tools and you need them to be connected, make sure to discover what Boomi has to offer. Also, on the website, you can get an interactive tour and product demo.  

Learn more about Boomi >>

3. Jitterbit 

Whether your data is siloed, or your workflows aren’t aligned, plug into Jitterbit’s iPaaS solutions to fix these issues. Being a low-code, cloud-native enterprise integration platform, it allows IT developers and business users alike, to manage data, connect applications and systems, and automate business processes. 

The platform provides hundreds of pre-built integrations vital for business workflow automation. Plus, it allows handling legacy, on-premises, SaaS, and hybrid integrations. 

Whether your industry is energy, financial services, healthcare, nonprofits, retail, hub, higher education, telecom, manufacturing, public sector, media&publishing, or transportation & logistics, Jitterbit has solutions for you.

jitterbit iPaaS

They have some great customer success stories, so don't miss a chance to visit their website and read them. Plus, you can always request a free trial from the website. 

Learn more about Jitterbit>>

4. TIBCO Cloud Integration

With a bold statement - "Empower everyone to integrate anything with API-led and event-driven integration" - TIBCO offers iPaaS with self-service integration capabilities.  By leveraging the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration platform,  companies should be able to quickly and easily connect information assets (e.g., apps, data, and devices) no matter where they are (whether those are on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments) with a no-code experience. 

The platform offers 200+ connectors, as well as 200+ Enterprise SaaS/Cloud & App Adapters and 30+ NoSQL, RDBMS, and Data Warehouses that are supported within TIBCO Data Virtualization.

TIBCO Cloud Integration Platform

The best way to understand if the solution fits your integration needs is to visit TIBCO's website and check out related materials or even request a demo.  

Learn more about TIBCO >>

5. OPEN TEXT Business Network Cloud

OpenText Business Network Cloud has a focus on so-called business-to-anything (B2A) integration to ensure secure connectivity between people, systems, and things. Meaning you, as a customer, can expect frictionless information exchange, end-to-end business visibility, and extensive collaboration with all your trading partners.

The company provides several products that are able to help organizations with the following issues:

Among Open Text's customers, we can find Michelin, ArcelorMittal, and many more.  

Open Text Business Network CLoud
To learn more about the offer, as well as to see how customers are succeeding with Open Text Business Network Cloud, please visit their website.

Learn more about Open Text and its solutions >>

6. Informatica Cloud

Connect, synchronize, and relate data, application, and processes both in the cloud and on-premise. This is the promise of Informatica that they for sure deliver as they have been ranking among the iPaaS leaders for the last years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service report.


Learn more about Informatica >>

7. is is an all-in-one data analytics, and automation platform allowing users to gain full control of their data flows and get clarity of business.  The solution is trusted by more than 24K companies worldwide, among those Uber, Bolt, and Twilio. is positioned as a no-code data integration solution to manage data from across various business apps to pass it to data warehouses, spreadsheets, or data visualization tools. To ensure that, the company offers a set of pre-built integrations as well as building a custom solution upon a customer's request. 


You can request a trial from, as well as check out the prices fo the service from their website. 

Learn more about >>

8. SnapLogic

With a bold slogan of "Integrate, Automate, Orchestrate", SnapLogic allows you to connect apps, data, and things faster, which should result in a seamless flow of data across your enterprise – here lies the value proposition of SnapLogic. They offer solutions for cloud data warehousing, finance & accounting, human capital management, mergers & acquisitions, internet of things (IoT), data analytics, big data, or customer experience/CRM.


SnapLogic has some impressive case study videos that you don’t want to miss.

Learn more about SnapLogic >>

9. IBM App Connect

Without a doubt, you know the integration services of IBM. IBM App Connect delivers similar promises as many others: integrating modern SaaS applications to complex systems, and their platform is also capable of hybrid integrations. 

IBM App Connect is a powerful solution designed for business technologists and integration specialists. By utilizing hundreds of prebuilt connectors and customizable templates, organizations can rapidly connect SaaS applications and build integration flows.

IBM App Connect

IBM offers two pricing options: iPaaS and Enterprise Integration Software. To learn the details about the pricing, you should get in touch with IBM to get a quote (Enterprise option) or visit  AWS Marketplace to see how much the iPaaS option will cost. Also, in the latter option, you can buy/ subscribe immediately at the AWS Marketplace. 

Visit the IBM App Connect website >>

10. SPS Commerce 

SPS Commerce helps retailers, suppliers, 3PLS and carriers, distributors and wholesale, grocers, and the food industry with their business-to-business integration challenges. They offer a range of EDI solutions, such as EDI outsourcing and EDI integration with ERPs. Equipped with these, organizations can automate data flows to handle inventory, orders, shipments, payments, and sales. All in all, SPS Commerce Solutions help solve most of the challenges common to supply chains. 
SPS Commerce
To discover more about these solutions, please visit the company website from the link below.

Visit the SPS Commerce website >>

11. is a low-code iPaaS platform that offers cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premise solutions and a long list of connectors.

Smart connectors, protocol connectors, mapper, expression language, forks, content-based routing, content enrichment, and batch and event-based elements are all part of’s intuitive designer within their platform. All these allow integration visualization, intuitive data mapping, and easy troubleshooting, resulting in more value from your data with less distraction from your core business.


Learn more about >>

12. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Integrating applications, automating the process, and building applications visually are what you can expect from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software designed to assist businesses of all sizes with their integration needs. It offers tools you need to migrate, build, and run all your IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud-native applications and data platforms. So Oracle offers fast, complete integrations – you can connect anything you want from applications through robots, build visual interfaces, and get end-to-end monitoring.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle’s PaaS platform offers services for integration and data management, including autonomous integration cloud, data integration, IoT, API management, self-service integration, and SOA.

Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure >>

13. SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite is an iPaaS allowing organizations to quickly connect systems and applications (on-premise and cloud-based), automate business processes, and harmonize experiences across the extended enterprise.

The platform provides a set of prebuilt integrations managed and updated by SAP, harmonized access to popular third-party cloud applications, the ability to design, publish, and manage APIs, and AI-enabled cloud and hybrid integration development. 

The company offers a free trial, so everyone can have a tour of the SAP Integration Suite and see how it can add value a customers' businesses.  

SAP Integration Suite

Please visit the company's website to discover how SAP Integration Suite helps you to govern your integration strategy and explore scenarios around API integration, Event-driven integration, and B2B Integration.

Learn more about SAP Integration Suite >>

14. Zapier 

Zapier is another company offering integrations for your applications, so you can easily automate the processes in between them. People look for Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, PayPal, and Asana integrations the most on their page.


They made signing up with them very simple: if you prefer, you can sign up with your Gmail and start connecting your apps. 

Learn more about Zapier >>

15. Workato 

Workato is a platform for integration and workflow automation. Since 2018, Workato pop-ups among the leaders in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service.

Workato offers a single digital platform for thousands of use cases, like custom bots, API management, RPA, datahub, and workflow automation. Their solutions are divided by functions (sales, support, HR, IT) and by apps (e.g., Jira, Marketo, Netsuite, SAP, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk).


Visit Workato Success Center (under Resources), to check out cool tutorials that can help you to evaluate if the solution is the right choice for you. 

Learn more about Workato >>

16. BizTalk 

BizTalk is another well-known integration suite by Microsoft. With BizTalk, you will be able to connect applications across your enterprise to automate processes and improve your productivity.

MS BizTalk

There is a lot of documentation on Microsoft’s site, such as business cases and technical overviews, so visit the website to learn more.

Visit their website >>

17. BizTalk360

Despite a similar naming to the solution above, it is a stand-alone platform allowing BizTalk Server customers simplify day to day operations. According to the BizTalk360 website, there is no need to be a BizTalk expert to work with the platform. BizTalk360 shows you all the relevant components for proper BizTalk Server administration.

With BizTalk360, you can work more efficiently with BizTalk Server and be in control with ease of your environment.

Learn more about BizTalk360 >>

18. Software AG Cloud 

Software AG Cloud is a cloud-based PaaS and SaaS solutions ideal for accelerating the digital transformation of organizations. 

Software AG offers several products where iPaaS plays a key role. So it is a powerful integration platform as a service that provides capabilities critical for any business seeking digital transformation. With its help, enterprises can ensure B2B Integration, SaaS app integration, Managed File Transfer, API Management, and Low-Code Applications to accelerate their digital transformation. For more details and a free trial, please visit the Software AG  website.

Softeare AG Cloud

Learn more about Software AG >>

19. Celigo

The Celigo Integration Platform (iPaaS) is a single cloud-native platform with infinite scalability designed to ensure business process automation for companies of any size. Being a cloud-native, it enables businesses to self-serve while providing best practices and governance at the cloud scale.

According to Celigo, they provide the lowest total cost of ownership across the industry, plus, the solution increases in business value as you scale up. Among the companies relying on the solution are Home Chef, Samsara, LogMeIn, Sumo logic, and many more.


Learn more about Celigo >>

20. UI PAth

Ui Path is a business automation platform allowing to modernize work environments with the help of AI. They offer a range of products aiming to help the following industries achieve efficiency, agility, and resilience: Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, and many more.  

To see how your organization can use automation to move faster, grow more profitably, and improve both customer and employee satisfaction, Ui Path offers a free trial. 

Ui Path

Visit their website to learn more>>

21. Qlik Data Integration 

Qlik Data Integration is a data integration tool that ensures real-time data delivery and process automation for all its users.  Up for today, Qlik was recognized for the seventh time in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. The company has over 38,000 customers who trust its integrations with Qlik to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. Among those are world-recognized names such as Land Rover, Vanguard, Airbus, Vale, and many more. 

The company offers a range of integration capabilities that allow easily managing data flows across databases, data warehouses, and Hadoop and ensures end-to-end, real-time data integration, as well as an analytics cloud platform, to close the gaps between data, insights, and action.

Learn more about the solutions Qlik offers >>

22. Cleo 

As it stated on the Cleo website, the company empowers organizations to deliver business outcomes through a new approach to B2B integration. Specifically, the Cleo platform for cloud integrations allows fast onboarding of trading partners, EDI / API transaction automation, and achieve end-to-end visibility. In other words, Cleo blends traditional integration, API, and iPaaS technologies into one platform. This way, companies can connect all elements in one ecosystem and ensure a seamless data transaction across it.

Learn more about the solutions Cleo offers >>

23 Flowgear 

Flowgear enables companies of any size to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of integrations through automation. With the Flowgear platform, you will be able to integrate apps, services, API, and databases, whether those are on-premise or in the cloud. The solution does not require any coding experience to start and provides 200+ pre-built connectors, reusable workflows, and APIs.

Please visit the company's website, to watch the product demo, and start your free trial.  

Learn more about the solutions Flowgear offers >>


Named a sole Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iPaaS, platform allows customers to connect apps and automate processes at scale, faster than ever before. Given that the company fosters the customer-centric low-code automation approach, starting your integrations should be a piece of the cake. 


Please visit website to get inspiration and start a free trial.

Learn more about the solutions offers >>

25. Youredi

Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain. So, the company's iPaaS is extreamly efficient in addressing the domains' data connectivity needs.

Today, in Youredi's portfolio you can find two types of solutions: a set of off-the-shelf products that can satisfy up to 80-90% of typical logistics and supply chain data connectivity needs, and more flexible, so-called enterprise solutions designed to address the specific integration requirements of a particular client. Either way, organizations get precisely what they need without sacrificing their functionality or paying for a fixed package of services they won't even use.

The solutions Youredi provides are not comparable to anything else on the data integration scene. The unique expertise in data connectivity for logistics and global supply chains, as well as the company's proprietary iPaaS, developed with a focus on the domain's integration needs, put Youredi ahead of all the other integration vendors and tools on the market.

Also, while other vendors in the list offer their iPaaS and iPaaS-based solutions as a self-service or a no-code required tool, Youredi fosters a so-called fully managed data integration approach, meaning the vendor's team will take care of the entire cycle from design and development to deployment and maintenance.

Youredi iPaaS

Below, are few unique selling points from the company's website, showing how Youredi differentiates from the other iPaaS vendors:

Complex B2B integrations

While we can connect anything, we haven’t been focusing on developing connectors for popular applications. Our core focus is on building connectivity across trading partners that might be challenging just with point-to-point hand-coded integration, or traditional integration solutions would be too difficult. 


Youredi has an extensive partner network and ecosystem of pre-connected carriers, IT systems, software platforms and service providers, and other stakeholers of teh domain. This way, Youredi's customers can get the required connectivity up and running much faster than with the traditional tools and software.     


Integrations shouldn’t take forever to be deployed. With pre-built connectors and integration scenarios, we can cut the development and deployment times to minimal. You can go live with your first connections in days!

Up to 70% Savings 

Once you saved time on development and deployment, there is even something better: saving on the integration costs. Some of our customers have seen up to 70% cost savings.

Fully Managed Service in brief

You don’t need to hire a team of integration architects – we will do everything for you, such as professional services and support work. The result is a turnkey service for connecting all your integrations in one ecosystem, enabling real-time information sharing and process automation.

If you want to find out more details and specs on Youredi iPaaS and solutions the company provides, please browse through the company's blogs and website.

Too much to choose from?

This is a long list of vendors – and there is more. As you can see from the description of the solutions listed, not every iPaaS vendor provides the same functionality, and as such, will not perform the same for your business. We suggest that you proactively become familiar with all the relevant ones for you, initiate a discussion with them and evaluate how they comply with your data integration strategy.

Do you want to know more about iPaas? Download our inside the iPaaS e-book from the link below and take a look at the recommended reads.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2018. It has been updated to reflect the most current information. Andrei Radchenko contributed to this story

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