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Why iPaaS?

Data transformation services 

 Data Transformation 

Leverage mapping libraries to transform data between formats.

Process orchestration

Process Orchestration

Quickly integrate and accelerate business processes whether simple or complex, by validating and enriching data.

Data connectivity management

Connectivity Management 

Easily connect across protocols with systems, applications, technologies, partners, and more.

Youredi Easy Integration Process Orchestration

Backbone of Digitalization

We have developed our iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) to revolutionize your business with a simple, fully-managed, and cost-effective integration solution. It’s crucial that the right information is at your disposal, in the right format, at the right time and for the right people to share a single truth about processes.

How will digitalization of your business processes transform the way you operate? 

· Transparency into the data and processes of your stakeholder. 
· Streamline your operations. 
· Make informed decisions and improve future planning. 
· Build better relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers. 
· Identify buying trends while gaining a better understanding of customers to increase satisfaction and reduce churn. 

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It's All About The Integration

Modern business is based on information. This information is traditionally located in separate data silos – different business applications, built for different purposes at different times, owned by different organizations or departments, and developed with different technologies. The overall business process of your organization requires utilizing and updating data across these different systems, and typically this requires an extensive amount of manual, error-prone work.

An iPaaS reduces the manual work and associated errors to a minimum. We have built our platform to connect to these different systems, regardless where they are located or what technologies they have built on, and make the information exchange between the systems completely automated – so that you can focus on building and developing your business processes further.

Youredi can connect to all IT systems. These systems can be hosted in your own private data center, they can be offered from the cloud as SaaS services, or they can even be located in your business partners’ data centers. Youredi provides adapter technologies that make it easy to create connections to both on-premise and public software applications. The underlying technologies utilize standards like REST, Web Services, file-based services like FTP, SFTP or AS2, or even direct database connections to move information between different systems.

Our solution can understand, validate, and transform any message formats that these applications use internally. The integrated systems can exchange information through any JSON, XML, or inhouse format (including binary files) as well as standards such as EDIFACT or X12 without limitations. In addition, Youredi’s capabilities make it possible to combine traditional batch-based transfers with modern event-based protocols including large-volume IoT scenarios – you can combine your legacy with all the modern interfaces available.

Youredi Rapid Integration Solutions

Enterprise application integration 


Integrate software applications and hardware systems with Enterprise Application Integration

Extract transform load


Pull data from source systems and place into data warehouse for reporting with Extract-Transform-Load. 

B2B data integration

B2B Integration 

Integrate data from back-end systems enabling seamless information exchange across trading partners.

Youredi Quick and Rapid Integrations

It Is A Platform

All businesses are different. Each organization builds its own business processes and modifies them as needed – changes in the operations, competition, and overall business environment cause changes in the way business processes are executed.

Similarly, all the integrations built with Youredi are always configured to fit your specific requirements. Our integration platform provides all the necessary building blocks to enable information exchange between different applications – and tools for orchestrating this information exchange based on your specific needs. Using our process orchestration tools you can create, manage and monitor your data flows – and change them anytime, based on the changes in your business processes.

Youredi is a multi-tenant platform. This makes it possible for you to manage and operate different parts of your integration solution in different tenants – for instance, your different departments can create and operate their individual integration needs independently.

This possibility to manage different parts of large integration solutions independently, with specific rights assigned to different people, can be extended for your partner integrations as well. In a modern business environment, the information processed within your own organization is not enough, but you have to be able to exchange information with – and integrate into – your business partners as well. Youredi provides a rich set of integration functionalities that can be leveraged with both your internal integrations as well as business-to-business integrations – all through one single platform.

In addition to managing the integrations – the actual process of exchanging information between different participants in your business process flow – Youredi provides tools for monitoring these flows – and providing insights to your business processes. Using our Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool, you can see in real-time how your processes are doing – what are their volumes and trends, what are the variations in the processes – and even create proactive alerting tools to inform appropriate parties when something doesn’t look right.

Provided As A Service

Youredi's iPaaS frees you from the burden of owning and operating the required software and hardware that is needed to exchange information efficiently between different applications. Regardless whether you are exchanging one message in a day between your applications, or if you are constantly communicating with thousands of business partners, you can use the iPaaS platform managed and operated by Youredi. This cloud-based service is optimized to give you the best possible performance in all your information exchange scenarios, regardless of messaging volumes or your geographical location. In addition, as a subscriber to Youredi iPaaS, you will get all the newest features of the solution to your use without the need to undergo the burden of upgrading and updating the software – it is all taken care by us.

In addition, our services include highly skillful professional services and support services that are available for you. Your integration solutions may be parameterized on top of our platform by your own development team, but whenever necessary, our architects and consultants are there for you in assisting in creating the solutions. When you go alive with your business-critical integrations, our operations and support team is there to help you whenever you need them.

Youredi Integration Platform as a Service Cloud-based integrations

iPaaS Makes Integration Easy For You And Your Entire Value Network. 

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