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A reliable, fully managed solution helping freight forwarders, manufacturers, and trucking companies to ensure seamless data exchange with Grimaldi Group Network through its API

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Established in 1947, Grimaldi is a fully integrated multinational logistics Group specialising in short-sea shipping, including transport of cars, rolling cargo, containers, and passengers.

Wholly owned by the Grimaldi family, family members are complemented by a highly skilled international management team, based both at the Group's headquarters in Naples (Italy) and at subsidiary companies and branches located in over 25 countries.

Finnlines Plc is a Finnish shipping company that operates freight throughout Northern Europe as well as passenger services.

As a member of the Grimaldi Group, which is one of the world’s largest operators of ro-ro vessels and the largest operator in Europe combining passenger and freight services, Finnlines is able to offer liner services throughout the Grimaldi network, which covers Northern Europe, Mediterranean, West Africa and North and South America

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The Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group API

Enhancing customer experience with a new open API

As part of Grimaldi's and Finnlines' goal to continuously create excellent customer experience through business process automation and digitalization, the Group has recently launched a new open API (application program interface), further enhancing service quality and efficiency.

The released API is a modern cloud integration interface enabling automated interactions between the Group and its customers, allowing them to make bookings, receive tracking data, and get schedules and allotments in real time.

*Currently, the service is available for Grimaldi Lines, ShortSea-traffic only and encompasses Trailers and Lorries traffic as well as non-hazardous cargo. The API's data scope will be extended shortly to cover the entire Grimaldi Group traffic.

  • Would you like to take advantage of the Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group public API, but your system is based on EDIFACT data format and cannot work with REST architecture? 
  • Or API is not an issue for you. However, you still would prefer to outsource integrations to avoid your IT team overload and allocation of the resources needed to establish connectivity? 
  • Or do you have concerns regarding changes you might be faced with to make your IT system capable of automatically interacting with the Grimaldi Group's ERP?

Youredi's Data Connectivity Service for The Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group API is the answer!

Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group API connectivity by Youredi


As the preferred Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group logistics domain integration partner, Youredi, the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions specifically for logistics and global supply chains, provides a reliable, fully managed data integration service allowing freight forwarders, manufacturers, trucking companies, and other stakeholders to take advantage of the Group's API, regardless of technical capabilities or limitations they might have.

The solution we offer works as a cloud-based integration layer built between Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group API and a client's IT system. It automatically does mappings from customer format(s) to the Group's API and vice-versa. Hence, the client gets data in the format and through the interface convenient for its IT system.

Relying on us, you will get your system connected with Finnlines/ Grimaldi Group and will be able to get Schedules, Allotments, and Tracking, as well as make Booking directly from your system with no need to change anything on your end.

Don't you need to receive all those messages and want to keep using the integrations you already have? The flexibility of the service allows you to choose whether you want data to cover the whole messaging cycle or receive only the data that you are missing now.

Grimaldi Network

Grimaldi/Finnlines European network.




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